A couple of my collections

There is a thread over on etsy etc. forums today about collections. I though since I just took these photos of 2 of my collections last week, that today would be a good day to post them. I have a few collections, vintage animals ceramics, vintage animal salt & peppers and juice glasses. Last week I took a few pics of my juice glass collection and my S&P’s. This is my juice glass collection…juiceglasses.jpg

I got the cute shelf for it at Aunt Katie’s Attic in Scotia, NY. I think it was like $12.00 for the shelf. I love it it reminds me of one my grandma had when I was little. Two of my animals S&P’s are on that shelf, one of my newest pairs. Squirrels! I have the rest of my S&P collection on the shelf above my stove.

animalsps.jpg deersps.jpg

If anyone ever needs a gift idea for me…heehee! I would love to add to my collection! I would also love another one of those shelves!

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend! Do something fun!


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  1. 1

    katie said,

    Oh my goodness! Are those little snuggly bunnies next to the adorable fawns? Too sweet. Thanks for sharing! =^.^=

  2. 2

    girlsavage said,

    Aww…I love sharing cuteness!
    The guys next to the fawns were called Huggy Bears, but the look like bunnies to me too. 🙂

  3. 3

    caitlin said,

    Hey girl, cute collections! Do you plan to keep each collection to a manageable amount and keep them on shelves, and when the shelf space is full, will you stop…or just keep buying more shelves to keep up with your growing collections? I am a book ‘collector’, and have 2 barrister bookcases. I have set myself a limit of filling the two book cases. I weed out once a year. But then again, i am older than you, and am starting to downsize. You, however, are still on the upswing…lol.

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