Not to sound like a commercial, but…

Tolls out to Cape Cod and back…$10.40

Cruddy hotel room on the Cape…$120.00

Beach fees…$15.00

Seeing our puppy on the beach for the first time…



In girlsavage news : I added another feltidermy to my shop yesterday !


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  1. 2

    what a cute photo! and that ad has to be priceless doesn’t it? people continue to use it! wonder who the genius was who thought it up? 🙂

  2. 3

    Carrie said,

    Love the puppy! Still love the store. I need to get a few things here soon. My husband is still not happy you introduced me to etsy! LOL Miss ya! Happy belated birthday btw.

  3. 4

    dori said,

    i can’t take the cuteness. what kind of pup is that? scruffy scrappy ones (especially GRAY ones) are my favorite!!!!!

  4. 5

    andrea said,

    oh my goodness is your puppy adorable!!!

  5. 6

    tyesha said,

    So cute! There is nothing like seeing your pup at the beach for the first time. Mine goes crazy trying to catch the waves as the roll in. He make the sweetest squeaky sound reserved just for the beach. Check out a these photo’s from last weekend.

  6. 7

    joshuat1974 said,

    So cute. What kind of dog, and which beach?

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