Meet Violet!

First of all today I want to introduce you to Violet. She is the newest squirrel in my shop.


She truly is cute and cartoonish. I just love that face!

Did you go to my shop? Did you notice the new banner the Mr. made for me last night? I woke up to find it waiting for me on the desktop this morning. Talk about waking to cuteness, I couldn’t wait to upload it onto the shop!’

I think it’s going to be hot here again today…Yuck! It’s almost October, I want cool breezes and leaves falling. O.k. well, we have leaves falling, but 90 degrees? It’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow so maybe that will cool things off. I wish there were a way to just have spring and fall! I could live with out the heat of summer and the cold of winter…

I wanted to share more great stuff from another great Etsian. I ordered these from Riotsqurrl, aren’t they great?


Zombuki Pullips are the creation of Brigitte of Riotsqurrl. They are heavily customized Pullip dolls, half zombie half kabuki. I just love not only how she customizes the dolls, but the photos she takes of them. I love looking at these mini fashion photo shoots, too much cuteness to handle. She has me wanting my own Pullip doll! You can also visit her blog.

I have a critique with some of the Etsy admin. tomorrow afternoon! You can find out about the critiques here in the Storque. I’m so happy to get the opportunity to do this! I’m so nervous too!

I must now be off to do the workings of a housewife. The house has been neglected this week, with the creation of Violet and my Etsy addiction. I have to start setting time limits on forum time… Hi, my name is Kate. I’m an Etsy addict!


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  1. 1

    Good luck with the critique at etsy. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just checked out your shop and it looks great.

  2. 2

    andrearf said,

    I love your squirrels! WordPress shows me pages linked with “squirrels”, and I’m so happy to see yours! -there are some mean anti-squirrel people out there who don’t post such nice things 😦
    Anyway, as a design student and fan of cute cartoony animals, I really like seeing how you take a medium like felt and turn it into wonderful, heartwarming creations. I’ll post a link in my blog to spread the word on your store. Good luck with your creations, and if you ever need squirrel inspiration, check out the european red squirrels with their spikey fuzz ears 🙂

  3. 3

    katie said,

    Hello Violet!

    Oh, & you’re tagged. See my blog for the scoop, lady. =^.^=

  4. 4

    CoraLea said,

    Look at that face! She is adorable 🙂

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