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Happy Halloween!


Yay, it’s here! Time to finish all of that pumpkin carving, toast the seeds, eat lots of candy and dress up. I thought today I would just share a few fun images of Halloween past with you. This is the first year in a long time that I haven’t dressed up yet. I have however dressed up Bean.


This year she is Nigel from Spinal Tap! We found her the funniest skeleton t-shirt that glows in the dark and she loves it. She sticks her head right in it to put it on and whines when I take it off!

O.k. so…Do you want to see some of my ghosts of Halloween past? yeah? Well first is from 3 years ago. I was a Stepford Wife Zombie.


Two years ago I was Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company…


And finally last year I only dressed up for the trick-or-treaters…


I know, I’m goofy! I have to get to work finishing the newest jackalope feltidermy for my shop. I will be listing it later this afternoon, hopefully around 2:00.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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The Feltidermy are coming, the Feltidermy are coming!


Jackalope 2 Feltidermy was added to the shop yesterday. This one has already sold and is on it’s way to France today! I will be adding a chocolate brown version of the jackalope feltdermy very soon. There is also a custom order feltidermy in the works this week, I will show you photos of it when it is finished. In the upcoming weeks, I will be adding new deer versions of feltidermy as well as rabbits and squirrels… Be on the look out for them!

It has turned cold in this part of the world very quickly. Over the course of a few days it has gotten too cold to have windows open or go outside without a jacket. I can hardly believe that winter and the holidays are right around the corner! Only 54 shopping days until Christmas? Yikes! Which reminds me…I took the handmade pledge, did you?

I have to admit that there are a few gifts that I’m not sure we’ll be able to do handmade. I will sure try though! There are so many wonderful crafts people and artists out there, surely we can get close. It’s going to be a mostly Etsy Christmas…What we can not find on Etsy we will try to find locally.

Have a great day!

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Skippy and a Walk in the Woods


Yesterday we went out for a drive around edge of Catskill Mountain Park and of course Skippy Prototype had to go with. All of the trees are so beautiful right now with every color of fall. We found a little path off of the road to go walking on.


There were so many places along the path to take in all of the beauty. Skippy got down in the fallen leaves so that he could smell them all. The sent of maple, oak and sycamore mixed together is such a wonderful thing.


He loved the look of this hill, all of the leaves making a perfect carpet, so nice and crunchy beneath your feet.


He thought that this log was a perfect place to take in the views.

Skippy was soon very tired and asked for a shoulder ride back to the car.


This was quite a big adventure for a little squirrel, after all Skippy is a house squirrel.  He was so excited to come home and tell all of the others what fun he had.

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Lazy Sunday morning…


The sun is finally out after a couple days of rain and all is quiet in our house. I love Sunday mornings, always have. I love to get up early and sit all morning with a cup of coffee, watch CBS Sunday morning and enjoy alone time. It’s getting to be late morning now though almost noon and this means my next favorite time of Sunday morning, brunch! I have beautiful free range eggs that I want to cook up, maybe a big cheesy omelette…Mmmm yes, probably omelette, Ooo, with the aged gouda from the farmers market.

I have not been completely lazy this morning. I finally updated my about me section of this blog, finally. I also got some more work done on a new jackalope feltidermy for my shop. This newest one will be light grey like Bitsy Bunny and Griffin Squirrel . After I finish this newest feltidermy I have a custom order to start on.

Well, I’m getting hungry so I think it’s time to wake up the Mr. and start cooking that omelette. It should be a beautiful day, we will probably take the pup out somewhere so we can walk. The poor girl has been couped up with the rain the last couple days.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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A grey squirrel and apple tarts


Griffin Squirrel has arrived at girlsavage! You got a little peek of his tail yesterday, now here he is in all of his cuteness. You can now find this sweet little guy in my shop. I just love that face, he looks so curious! I think at the size of these new tiny guys, they would make adorable companions for Blythe dolls. They are awfully cute just hanging out near you too. Believe me, I have these cute little faces around me all day!

It has been raining since yesterday afternoon.. The cold, damp weather makes me want comforting things. I want apple pie with hot cocoa. To at least take care of one of my needs, yesterday I baked. I love to bake, it’s one of my favorite activities! To take simple ingredients and turn them into something beautiful and yummy…I believe it’s not only a science, but an art too! I had apples so, I made rustic apple tarts!


Mmmm…Now all I need is the hot cocoa! Have a wonderful and cozy weekend!

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She has a name!

Macadamia has a name and is now available in my shop. She is so lovely, but a little nutty, that’s how she got her name. I’m very excited about these new cute little critters that are being added this week! Later today I will be adding another little squirrel…a little grey squirrel! Want a little peek at him?


Well, I did say a peek. 😉 His tail is stuffed and his face is ready to be stitched on…He should be ready to go into the shop later today.

I thought today I would leave you with some of the views from around my neighborhood. We are having a beautiful fall in Upstate , NY . So, I leave you with trees, leaves and some amazing mushrooms I found growing in my yard. Have a lovely weekend!

fallbirch.jpg fallleaves.jpg fallmaple.jpg

tinyshrooms.jpg  hugeshrooms.jpg

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Sonny had some front page love!


Sonny Squirrel was on the front page last evening with an adorable collection of plush! He is still available in my shop, looking for a new home.

I have been busy shooting again. This time it is to show scale of my plush. I ended up using an egg…

sonny.jpg chocchipegg.jpg

It was hard to think of something that is universal but still looks good with your items. I used a grade A large egg…and I just love the speckled brown eggs that I get at the farmers market. Such a beautiful egg!

Oh yes, that is Chocolate Chip Jackalope up there, you can now find him in my shop! I will be adding a little squirrel later today!


She is another itty bitty critter just like Bitsy Bunny and Chocolate Chip Jackalope. She is so new that she doesn’t even have a name yet!

I think that the rain has stopped for us here in Upstate, NY. It should be a good day to hang out some laundry. I love the smell of laundry that has been out on the line!

I hope you all have a very nice day.

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Meet Chocolate Chip!


This is Chocolate Chip Jackalope, the newest little bitty guy at girlsavage. He is Ferns’ little brother.


Isn’t he a cutie?


He will be added to my shop this afternoon! We are having a rainy morning here. Have a great day!

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Busy, busy weekend!

If you have been reading here, you know my parents were visiting over the weekend. We had such a lovely time enjoying fall in our little neighborhood of Upstate, NY. There were so many wonderful things to do over this past weekend! We got up Saturday morning to go to the Farmers Market and found that it was the weekend for The Burning of Kingston! How wonderful to go and see people in Revolutionary war costume walking around the market! Here we found a few outside of the old Dutch church…
infrontofchurch.jpg soldgerchurch.jpg

They had a battle re-enactment later in the day that we had to miss. We had tickets to see The Farnsworth Invention and we wanted to get down to the city in time to get some dinner before the show. Mom and Dad had not been down to NYC in ages, it has changed just a little bit…


The last time mom was down there it was full of hookers, Dad teased that the last time he was in Times Square there were sheep grazing. The show was wonderful! It was their first Saturday night performance, they did a great job!

Sunday we went to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. What a huge affair that is! We really had no idea, but you really need a whole day to see everything there. We did see lots of sheep and lots of wool!

ramewe.jpg rovingfromfestival.jpg

It was an exhausting weekend what with all of the activities, but it was so much fun! We’re so glad they could come to visit us and spend the weekend with us!

Somehow with all of that going on I managed to finish this little cutie.


This is Bitsy Bunny, I added her to my shop yesterday. She is named Bitsy for her size. I have been so excited to get this little one done, she is so small and cute! She is about 25% smaller than the other bunnies and just darling. She will soon be joined by a tiny jackalope!

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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is my parents 45th wedding anniversary! Forty-five years, 6 kids and 9 grandchildren I would say they have good reason to celebrate! They are on their way here to celebrate with us over the weekend. I’m very excited that they are coming, but I do wish I had the house all clean and ready. I’m going to be making a mad dash for the finish line today. haha.

I have a showcase spot on The Storque Showcase today. Right now Sonny Squirrel is up there representing my shop. I have never tried this particular showcase, it will be interesting to see if it creates more traffic for the shop.


I have been working on so many changes with all of my gallery photos. Thanks to all of you have given the kind words of encouragement! Sometimes a kind word is all you need to keep pushing along. If you haven’t yet, please stop by and see what I have been working on.

I’m very happy to say that the custom bunny is on her way to her new home today! She turned out very cute, it’s hard to say goodbye to these little faces sometimes. Knowing they are on the way to someone who will love them helps this quite a bit. I got word that Stormy has arrived safe and sound to his new home. He is very happy as a cute little desk mate, here is a picture of him fulfilling his duties.


I have something new in the works right now, I’m very excited about them. Hopefully I will have one listed soon so I can show you. I’m not sure if I will get much work done for my shop this weekend. Hopefully I will have a little bit of time in the evening and morning times for getting some stitching done. Any other time I will be spending with the Mr. and Mom and Dad.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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