Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is my parents 45th wedding anniversary! Forty-five years, 6 kids and 9 grandchildren I would say they have good reason to celebrate! They are on their way here to celebrate with us over the weekend. I’m very excited that they are coming, but I do wish I had the house all clean and ready. I’m going to be making a mad dash for the finish line today. haha.

I have a showcase spot on The Storque Showcase today. Right now Sonny Squirrel is up there representing my shop. I have never tried this particular showcase, it will be interesting to see if it creates more traffic for the shop.


I have been working on so many changes with all of my gallery photos. Thanks to all of you have given the kind words of encouragement! Sometimes a kind word is all you need to keep pushing along. If you haven’t yet, please stop by and see what I have been working on.

I’m very happy to say that the custom bunny is on her way to her new home today! She turned out very cute, it’s hard to say goodbye to these little faces sometimes. Knowing they are on the way to someone who will love them helps this quite a bit. I got word that Stormy has arrived safe and sound to his new home. He is very happy as a cute little desk mate, here is a picture of him fulfilling his duties.


I have something new in the works right now, I’m very excited about them. Hopefully I will have one listed soon so I can show you. I’m not sure if I will get much work done for my shop this weekend. Hopefully I will have a little bit of time in the evening and morning times for getting some stitching done. Any other time I will be spending with the Mr. and Mom and Dad.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. 1

    Good luck with all your new projects and congrats to your mum and dad – 45 years is an amazing achievement and definitely worth celebrating 🙂 Have a fun weekend!

  2. 2

    Brigitte said,

    Congrats to your parents, amazing! Good luck with the showcase, too :3 I think it will find a home without it though ;3

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