Busy, busy weekend!

If you have been reading here, you know my parents were visiting over the weekend. We had such a lovely time enjoying fall in our little neighborhood of Upstate, NY. There were so many wonderful things to do over this past weekend! We got up Saturday morning to go to the Farmers Market and found that it was the weekend for The Burning of Kingston! How wonderful to go and see people in Revolutionary war costume walking around the market! Here we found a few outside of the old Dutch church…
infrontofchurch.jpg soldgerchurch.jpg

They had a battle re-enactment later in the day that we had to miss. We had tickets to see The Farnsworth Invention and we wanted to get down to the city in time to get some dinner before the show. Mom and Dad had not been down to NYC in ages, it has changed just a little bit…


The last time mom was down there it was full of hookers, Dad teased that the last time he was in Times Square there were sheep grazing. The show was wonderful! It was their first Saturday night performance, they did a great job!

Sunday we went to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. What a huge affair that is! We really had no idea, but you really need a whole day to see everything there. We did see lots of sheep and lots of wool!

ramewe.jpg rovingfromfestival.jpg

It was an exhausting weekend what with all of the activities, but it was so much fun! We’re so glad they could come to visit us and spend the weekend with us!

Somehow with all of that going on I managed to finish this little cutie.


This is Bitsy Bunny, I added her to my shop yesterday. She is named Bitsy for her size. I have been so excited to get this little one done, she is so small and cute! She is about 25% smaller than the other bunnies and just darling. She will soon be joined by a tiny jackalope!


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  1. 1

    Felicia said,

    Love all that beautiful roving. And your bunny is adorable 🙂

  2. 2

    Gorgeous! I almost went to the rhinebeck fair but didnt.. and now im sorry i didnt! sounds like a ton of fun from what i hear!

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