Skippy and a Walk in the Woods


Yesterday we went out for a drive around edge of Catskill Mountain Park and of course Skippy Prototype had to go with. All of the trees are so beautiful right now with every color of fall. We found a little path off of the road to go walking on.


There were so many places along the path to take in all of the beauty. Skippy got down in the fallen leaves so that he could smell them all. The sent of maple, oak and sycamore mixed together is such a wonderful thing.


He loved the look of this hill, all of the leaves making a perfect carpet, so nice and crunchy beneath your feet.


He thought that this log was a perfect place to take in the views.

Skippy was soon very tired and asked for a shoulder ride back to the car.


This was quite a big adventure for a little squirrel, after all Skippy is a house squirrel.  He was so excited to come home and tell all of the others what fun he had.


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  1. 1

    I love the new photos, here and in your shop! I’m glad you liked my video!!! I can’t stop thinking about going home!!!

  2. 3

    Deanna said,

    cmu – craking me up

  3. 5

    andrearf said,

    I love that your little critter creations go on adventures 🙂
    You should create a story book for Skippy & friends…a handmade book with a felt cover 🙂

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