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Chippy love!


Chippy Squirrel got some front page love last night! He is the twin brother of Skippy Prototype that you have seen, in this blog, on his adventures. Chippy was the first guy to go into my shop! I’m so glad he got to have the spotlight on the front page, but he still needs a new home.

I’ve been working on the shop since my Etsy workshop critique 2 weeks ago. Re- shooting photos, changing my shop announcement and profile. It’s getting very close to my deadline of having the shop ready for the holidays. I think the appearance is looking much better. I have gotten things for my packaging, stocked up on supplies I need to make any new items. Now I just have to finish editing in the new gallery photos for the rest of my items and then I can concentrate on making more items. Here is a before and after of what you first see when you go to my shop page.

girlsavageshopbefore.jpg shopafter.jpg

I’m off to do more house cleaning in preparation of Mom and Dads visit! Yay, they will be here in 2 days!

Seven years ago today the Mr. and I were married in Las Vegas. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for everything, I love you! xo

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Choco Bunny Has Arrived


Here he is! I just love the look on that face, slightly confused and oh so cute! You can find him here in my shop. He is stitched from wool blend felt and has the fluffiest tan tail!

The treasury that I curated landed on the front page for a little while last evening! It was my “For the Love of Blythe” collection of items.

blythefrontpage.jpg blythefrontpage2.jpg

I want a Blythe doll! I do, I think it’s perfectly fine to still have a doll and dress her up. Besides I’m a toy maker, I should have toys around to help inspire my art, right? I’m sure if I had a Blythe, then I would start making even smaller stuffed animals for her. My little fawns are already small enough to stand next to her and look cute!

On to more work on a custom bunny. I also have to finish getting the house straightened up for the visit from my parents. Oh and tomorrow is our Anniversary! This is a busy week!

Have a great day!

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New Backgrounds and Storage

fernnewbackground.jpg yukinewbackground2.jpg

I’m in the process of adding new photos of the animals to my shop! I think it shows more of what their world is like. What do you think? Do you want to come into their little world and visit? I will be shooting most of the day today. The Choco Bunny should be added by the end of the day today also!


Look at the cool piece of storage we found this weekend! Sure it could use some new paint and knobs, but it sure is cool! Dove tail drawer construction and all! Yes, I’m a furniture geek too. It has nice deep drawers for better storage of all of my felt and supplies! We have one drawer devoted to canvases another to paints and paint supplies. Ahhh… a chest of crafty goodness! I think it was meant to be ours, since it does go with our flea market funk style and it just happens to fit the spot where we wanted to put it! And yup, I am getting us decorated for fall…pumpkins and gourds galore!

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Antiques and Inspiration

Yesterday we decided to drive across the river to the Rhinebeck Antiques Fair. We had never gone before and decided that this year we would. There were so many amazing pieces there and so many we could only dream of owning some day. There were lots of inspiring pieces there for me. I had to sneak out my camera for these two…

stuffedbull.jpg carveddeerhead.jpg

Yes, that is a 20 inch tall stuffed bull! I love his shape, he is giving me great ideas for new patterns! And yes, that is a carved deer head with real antlers! What maker of feltidermy would not be in awe of that? Yet another “No animals were harmed in the making of this”… I had to love it!

In the end, this is the little guy that I had to bring home with me!

bearpincushion2.jpg bearpincushioncloseup.jpg

He is a pincushion and I just love him! The little bear stands about 2 1/2 inches tall and is full of cuteness! How could I resist that face? Maybe he will also give me some inspiration for a stuffed bear!

Now I must go finish Choco Bunny so that he can make his debut in my shop tomorrow! After he is finished I will start work on a custom bunny that I was contacted about making last night. Yay, for bunny cuteness!

Have a wonderful day!

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Wow, that was quick!


Stormy went into my shop on Thursday, got onto the front page Friday and sold while up there! I think that is the quickest any of that has ever happened to one of my guys. It was all very exciting, but I’m going to miss that face!

I’m still working on the Choco Bunny, he’s about half way finished. I was the queen of procrastination yesterday, putting off anything I could until a later time. I did manage to sit in on the Etsy critique workshop, take Bean for a walk and list a new skunk in my shop. Yes, I said a new skunk. His name is Marco…Senor Marco Stinkypants to be exact. He is a funny little guy!

I’m very excited that my parents are coming out for a visit next weekend! I haven’t seen them since June when we drove back to Illinois for a visit. We have our wedding anniversaries within 2 days of each other, they are coming out to celebrate with us! I can’t wait to see them, it will only be for a couple days, but I’ll take what I can get. I think we will take them apple picking, since they don’t have very good apples in Illinois this year. We all love to go for drives and this is the perfect time of year to do that out here. Oh and we are going into the city for a show! We have tickets to a preview performance of the new show that Hank Azaria is staring in. My Mr. built the web site for the show.

Hopefully this will be a pretty weekend! It rained all week, the sun finally came out yesterday. It would be nice to see some blue sky! O.k. it can be gloomy out this weekend as long as we get pretty weather next weekend. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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Front page love for Geoffrey


Early last evening Geoffrey Gopher got some front page time! You can still find him in my shop. Emma Squirrel and Jackalope 1 Feltidermy are on their way to new homes today!

I thought I might show you what to expect when you receive a package from girlsavage. Fern Jackalope volunteered to model for the example.


You will receive your plush, at least one 1 inch button and a moo card all wrapped carefully in fresh tissue paper. This is all put into a new box and shipped off to you.

Speaking of Moo cards…Wanna see mine? I think they turned out really well!


Aren’t they cute? Well, I love them anyway!

I’m off to resume stitching on a new bunny, Choco Bunny, he’s from dark brown wool blend felt.

Have a great Friday!

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Deery me, he is cute!

I just finished this little guy yesterday and boy is he cute! His name is Stormy, he’ll be in my shop later today.


I just love when I stitch on their little faces and they seem to come to life. He looks a little bit grumpy too me, perhaps he is just mischievous like some of little boys are.

The lovely white doe has a name! She has been named Yuki, Japanese for snow! You can now find her in my shop. Have a great day!

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Skippy Prototype Went Apple Picking

O.K. so we went apple picking this weekend and Skippy got to go with. New York is having it’s best apple season in a very long time this year. We decided to go and pick some for ourselves and see what the best apple season looked like…Skippy went along for the adventure.


It was a beautiful day and lots of apple were picked and they are really tasty this year. I have already made apple sauce and muffins, next I think a pie needs to be made…Mmmm…maybe apple butter too.

If you like the looks of Skippy on his adventure, you can find his brother Chippy in my shop, along with a few other squirrels. They would all love someone to give them a home and take them on adventures.

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Newest Lovely

I just had to come show you my newest doe. I just finished her last night, she doesn’t even have a name yet.


Here she is with my vintage ceramic deer that inspired her creation. I will be adding her to my shop very soon!

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Etsy front page inspired by my dad!

A few days ago the admin. at Etsy challenged people to come up with a collection of items for a featured front page. The items were to be of things you would buy if shopping for your Dad or Grandpa. Well, my dad is a grandpa and one classy guy to shop for , so I took up the challenge!

Yesterday I went to the front page and found my collection there!


It looked very nice up there, I must say.  I’m so pleased that they thought my collection was nice enough for the front page honors! It was also very cool that the picked by girlsavage, in the upper right hand corner above the collection, was a link to my shop!

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