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Are you Etsy?


First of all, I listed a new Reindeer Feltidermy yesterday…

After doing that, I was so excited to go into a local holiday show and find a room full of Etsians! It is so surreal to meet people, that you talk to everyday online, in real life. I was so overwhelmed with the kindness of all and the beautiful wares!

I purchased the most beautiful pair of fingerless gloves from amuse! I am so in love with these gloves, if you can be in love with gloves…Well, I am anyway. Alpaca wool gorgeousness!


Right next to them was the rockin’ sweet lowleepop. We found the perfect bib for a friends baby that will be arriving in the next few months. How cute is this for a baby boy of a mom who loves to rock it out now and then?


Being a soap addict, I couldn’t resist finally making a purchase from Morgan Street ! Pecan pie gift soaps and a lily of the valley. The pecan pie soaps will be included in Christmas gifts, but I think I have to keep the lily of the valley for myself. It is my favorite flower!


I just don’t have enough time today to talk about all of the wonderful Etsians that I met. I will have to save the other half for tomorrow…

I do want to finish today with go monkey designs who had organized the show. She is so sweet and her wares are too wonderful! From wallets and wristlets to clothing, everything is so great! I especially love the little unisex french pants! So cute!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And remember, if you see a holiday show going on it your area..It just may be a room full of Etsy artists!

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I’m stuffed!


I’m happy to say that my turkey was wonderful! I worry every year, the whole time the bird is roasting, that it may not be good. This was my largest bird to roast yet, with this years being a 13 pounder. It roasted up nicely, was tender, juicy and delish! I have to disagree with anyone who says organic turkeys are not as good as the ones that have been injected with chemicals and added flavors. It was a nice day, we were joined by my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. We ate and ate and ate and ate and then we ate some more! We finished off the day by watching Funny Farm and Christmas Vacation for a Chevy Chase mini marathon.

In girlsavage news, I’m so excited to be featured on the PlushYou blog today! Such an honor for me, I read it daily and am always so inspired by it. Thank you plushyou and Shmancy toys!


I added a new feltidermy to my shop today. I will be working on more to add by Monday.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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New feltidermy and cranberry salad!

tandoecloseup.jpg jackalope7cu.jpg
I added 2 new feltidermy to the shop today. I also made grandmas’ cranberry stuff! Yumm….

Grandmas’ Cranberry Salad:
2 pkgs. cherry jello
2 pkgs. fresh cranberries
2 oranges
2 C. sugar
1 C. chopped pecans
Heat the water for jello to a boil, add in the jello powder and sugar and mix well. Set aside. Grind raw cranberries and both oranges, zest one of the orange peels. Cut nuts and add all the ingredients to the jello and put in frigde to set.

~Happy Thanksgiving~

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The Last Pecans in Town?

O.k. what recipe did Paula Dean put out with pecans that everyone wants to make for Thanksgiving? I ended up at 2 grocery stores, where at the last one I had to scape through the bulk bin, to find my pecans. I know I missed some new special recipe, because I don’t remember there ever being a pecan shortage before…Wait, is there some weather problem that caused a shortage? I thought there was going to be a problem getting cranberries after seeing a news report so I bought those last week. I wish I had bought extra pecans last week…

Be sure to stop by my shop tomorrow, Wed. 11-21-07, for new feltidermy! The rest from the shop are on thoer way to new homes or heading off tomorrow. I’ll have photos of the new ones tomorrow!

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Busy Monday after a Lazy Sunday


Well, first of all today…Sonny Squirrel is on the front page of Etsy this morning! That is certainly an exciting start to a Monday morning. There are 2 Jackalope Feltidermy in the works right now, a new “life size” piece and another custom. The Mounted Buck Feltidermy has been purchased and will be heading off to Australia tomorrow. Wow, all of that going on before 9:00 am!

Yesterday our Sunday was such a nice and lazy day. We really only left the house to walk Bean down to the park. The Mr. made a huge pot of vegetarian chili in the crock pot, he makes the best chili! The rest of the day I stitched and he painted while Bean and the 2 cats slept near heaters. Ahhh, it was a nice day….

I must be off to work on feltidermy, clean up the house a bit and start my Thanksgiving menu. Oh, for Cathy (Scrap4U)… We really just eat and spend time with friends and family on Thanksgiving, no gift giving for another month. Thank goodness for that! heehee!

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by!

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Deck the Halls


After much time spent here at girlsavage getting ready for the holidays, we decided to have some fun with it yesterday. Some of the animals decided to get in on the fun of picking out a Christmas tree. Enjoy and then come visit us!

fernchocotrees.jpg hugginstinyjackalopetrees.jpg bustskyekelly.jpg

griffinmacadamia1.jpg powder.jpg macadamistinseltrees.jpg

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37 Shopping Days Until Christmas?!

Yikes! I’ve been so busy stocking up my little shop that I have almost forgotten to start my shopping! I have started buying a few small items, sorry can’t show you yet. I don’t want to spoil any Christmas day surprises!

Jackalopes 5 and 6 feltidermy are on their way to their new homes! I’m always so happy to send my creations off to a new home. To know that they will be loved by someone else is a wonderful feeling!

I have some exciting news today! I have been accepted to the 3rd Ward Holiday Sale in Brooklyn on December 8, 2007! Whoo hoo, my first real show! If you’re in the area that day, please stop by and say hi. With only 3 weeks to prepare, I’m going to be one very busy little Savage.

With only a little over a month until Christmas and less than a week until Thanksgiving it is easy to remember that winter is heading our way. However , when we had a few snow flurries yesterday it did come as a shock! Snow! It has been predicted for today here in the Hudson Valley. I’m so glad I stocked up on hot cocoa before this weekend. I also made some chocolate chip cookies yesterday, yum!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! I’m off to work on a new large Jackalope Feltidermy!

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Yes, a reindeer in feltidermy form is now available in my shop! I told you that I was working on a holiday piece. Stay tuned for the plush version that will be available soon also.

The large Jackalope 6 Feltidermy has found a new home! I will be taking it up for shipping to send out tomorrow. I will be starting on a new one over the weekend.

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is a week from today! I think it’s my favorite holiday, well it’s at least in the top 2. It kind of snuck up on me this year. I have to dig out all of my recipes, make my shopping list…At least our turkey is ordered and will be ready to pick up next Wednesday evening. At least that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. Yum…organic, free range turkey! Oh and garlic smashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, fresh gravy, cranberry relish, not to mention the orange rolls and mimosas we have for brunch while watching the parade. A day of cooking and eating all day. I can’t wait now!

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Pictures, pictures, pictures!

If you have ever sat in on one of the shop critiques at Etsy or had to sit in the hot seat for one…There is one thing you will always hear. Pictures, pictures, pictures! You often hear Michelle yell it, last week Mary even sang it. It is one of the most important issues with selling something online, especially at Etsy. You want to make your items so beautiful and interesting that someone will click on that item to take a closer look.

Good lighting is essential in taking great photos. I thought today I might share with you how I get the photos for my shop. I made myself a lightbox a few months ago. You really don’t have to put any expense into this, I happened to have a large cardboard box, some poster board and 2 pieces of large card stock. I tipped the box on it’s side, taped the 2 side and 1 bottom flaps open and the top flap back then tape in the paper. I use this in 2 lighting set ups. When there is enough light I open the blinds and use natural light.


With any set up you will probably have to adjust your white balance on your camera. You will usually find the white balance in your cameras’ menu. Test this by changing your white balance options until your white background looks white. If your not using a white background simply put a white sheet of paper in your lightbox while you are adjusting. When the paper appears as pure white you have found the right balance setting. On my camera the best setting for natural light is the open shade setting. Here is an example of a photo of Macadamia Squirrel using my natural light set up.


There are some days when it’s just so gloomy outside that you have to use artificial light. I went to the hardware store and bought an inexpensive shop light which I have clamped to a tripod.


Whatever you end up using for a lamp, you can always adjust your white balance for the best color quality of your piece you are photographing. My light happens to use a tungsten bulb and my camera has a tungsten setting in the white balance menu. This is the example from using this set up.


My last tip today for getting a great photo of your items is to use the macro setting so you can get in nice and close to your subject. The macro setting usually looks like a tulip on your camera. It is the best way to be able to get in close to you item and get a nice focus. I don’t think I photograph anything for my shop without the macro on.

I got this shot playing around with the girlsavage plush family in my lightbox this past weekend.


Now get out there and start shooting beautiful photos!

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A little news and a little fun…

I have a new “holiday” piece in progress! Stay tuned, it should be completed in the next day or two. Jackalope 5 Feltidermy is getting ready to go to a new home!

I don’t have much else for you today, just a couple fun things.

I kept waiting for that squirrel to attack when I first watched it!

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