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A new Week, A new Jackalope


Jackalope 6 Feltidermy has arrived in my shop and it is life size! Yes, this newest feltidermy is the large version that I have been working on. You can see here how it’s size compares to Jackalope 5 feltidermy.


The face on this one is so incredibly cute! How cool is is that you could have a jackalope in your home or office without the concern of animals being harmed?

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Good Sunday to you!


I woke up this morning to my treasury that I curated being on the front page of Etsy! It did look very nice up there. They have been changing the front page quite a bit since last night. It’s nice to get to see so many different items up there. In fairness to those being featured I hope they leave them all for about 3 hours so they can get some good exposure up there. People have been suggesting they be changed every 15 minutes! Get it? 15 minutes of fame? Yeah, I get it…I just don’t think that is enough time for a shop and item to get fair exposure.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the featured items on the front page , how long they are up and who they are chosen by. The admin. have been curating many of the pages over the last week, which is how it was done back in the beginning of Etsy, before they were chosen from treasuries. Lets face it, the admin. are good at choosing beautiful items to feature on there. Etsy front page is prime advertising for what is available within the site so picking gorgeous items with beautiful photos of them is important. I am happy to see that the featured items have been chosen from treasuries since last night, they take you to the items or the treasury itself too. Some of the collection links this week have taken us to Storque articles. In all honesty it does not get me shopping from there. I much prefer a link to the treasury, which gets me looking through more treasuries and the items collected in them. Thats when I end up browsing shops and buying.

Whew…o.k. I got that out of me. Now I can enjoy my beautiful, quite Sunday morning. I have a Cary Grant movie on TCM and it’s looking like it will be a pretty day outside. My large feltidermy is coming along quite nicely, at this point it may actually be finished to be listed tomorrow! I guess that depends on if I join everyone else for a hike today…It looks like it’s going to be a nice day for a hike, the sun is out, the leaves are gorgeous. I guess I’ll just have to make you wait and let you know tomorrow.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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How cool is this?


That is my shop on my husbands new iPhone! He got one from his bosses at work…I really didn’t think that I would like it, but come on! How cool is that? Etsy looks absolutely beautiful on it too! The only down side is that it is not flash compatible, so you can’t see all of the cool little things on there. So, you all don’t have to worry about my trying to snag a treasury while on a road trip. haha! I am a little excited that I never have to leave my shop or blog at home again. When we have to drive 15 hours home to IL for the holidays, you know where I’m going to be.

I thought I might show you a peak of my next piece that I’m currently working on…


Yes, those are antlers! So far I have worked for about 2 hours just to get that much done. For comparison this is the size of my usual feltidermy in my hand.


I’m hoping that it will be fairly close to “life” size. I plan to work most of the weekend on it, we’ll see how far that gets me on it.


I also wanted to introduce you to these 2 today. It getting cold so we are seeing them cuddling out in the living room more these days. They have finally given up on the idea that the dog may just be here for a visit. That is Cassidy in front and Reeces behind her. Yes, my sisters named Reeces after the peanut butter cups and Cassidy was named for the Grateful Dead song. Aren’t they cute? O.k. I’m partial, they have been our babies for 12 years now, we got them as kittens from my parents. Right now Reeces is trying to tell me that she needs food, so I will leave you all for today.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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Another shop change and the bumper sticker winner!


Tiny Embossed Felt Jackalope has joined the other critters in my shop today! Oh and you have probably noticed that she is photographed in the white background…Yes, I have gone back to it. Who am I kidding, I love the white background! I was sad to see it gone every time I went to my shop..which is several times a day. I decided that the effect I wanted in my shop could be done with writing, even if I had to have help with the writing. That’s right, I’m not ashamed. I had help from a wonderful fellow Etsian who happens to be a brilliant copy writer!

Her Royal Majesty Bags is genius when it comes to writing as well as creating beautiful bags! Please visit her shop and you will see what I mean. She really helped me tweak my bio and shop announcement. It took her a few minutes do write what I had been trying to achieve for months. Thank you to her!

Alternate Bliss is the winner of the Esty Bumper Sticker! Check out her shop to for her art, jewelry and other blissful things. Oh and she’s a fellow blogger too!

Thanks for stopping by here and make sure to go check out my shop to see how it has changed. Let me know what you think. Now I’m off to play with my husbands new iPhone! I show you it tomorrow.

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A cable free day…

What can you possibly do with out cable for a day? Why stitch up a jackalope and watch The Science of Sleep, of course!

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Would you like an Etsy bumper sticker?


Leave a comment in this post between now and Friday November 9 and I will draw a name from those comments. I will be sending someone one of the bumper stickers made at Etsy Labs. Also for the next 2 people who order from my shop, they will also receive one of these. I had originally bought them to send out in packages, but thought it might be fun to give one away here too!


I added this beauty to my shop today! She is Gray Deer Feltidermy, made up from wool blend felts in gray and white. She has been hand stitched and stuffed with new polyfill then attached to a wood plaque that I have stained and sealed. I just love her sweet face!

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Number Five has Arrived


Here it is, Jackalope 5 Feltidermy was listed in my shop yesterday. I will be listing a gray deer feltidermy tomorrow afternoon.

Hmmm… now for the question. Is it grey or gray? I actually tend to spell it grey first, then spell check puts that annoying red line under it.

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Another Jackalope Feltidermy and some Front Page Action


Jackalope 4 Feltidermy is finished and listed in my shop! He was finished just in time for my spot in todays Etsy showcase.


Jackalope 5 Feltidermy will be finished in a few hours and added to my shop. I hope to get more feltidermy finished soon.

There was a little front page action for us on Saturday afternoon. I had made up a collection for another front page challenge. This one was for babies, boy or girl. My collection for a baby girl made it to the front page!


It was a fun collection to put together, I’m glad it made it.

I have to go say goodbye to Chocolate Chip jackalope and pack him up to go to a new home today. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Skippy on a Walk Through Town

Yesterday we decided to take a walk around part of our town. Well, first of all we had to get Skippy to leave his friend to come walk with us. They seemed to be having quite the discussion on current events. We eventually got him away and on a walk through the Stockade District.


He found a couple of trees there that had great views of the old stone buildings. He decided to hang out in this one for a while and have a snack.


There are so many wonderful buildings around town…Most of them dating back to the 1700’s.


Skippy really loved the front door on this one and how it was all decorated for fall.


We decided from there to walk up past the old Dutch Church where they have the most amazing grave yard. He was especially fond of this grave from 1746 with the skull and cross bones carved into it. The carving and the date were all that he could understand on it, since this squirrel does not speak Dutch.


After all of the sites Skippy was quite tired and chilled too. It has been getting colder and colder here in Upstate, NY. He asked for a ride in my jacket pocket back to the car. He couldn’t wait to get home and tell all of his friends where he had gotten to go.


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and get out and enjoy something in your neighborhood.

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New Custom Feltidermy Finished!


I finished this custom sweetness for a customer today. She will be on her way to California very soon! You can contact me through my shop if you are interested in your own custom creation.

I have a showcase spot on Monday and hope to have at least one new item in my shop by then! Etsy has decided to raise the prices for the main showcases and will be trying out new category showcases. I’m glad I got a spot reserved for this session, but I don’t know if I will be buying one in the future or not. I do only do it once a month usually, but I was planning on doing it at least one more time before Christmas…I have gotten a sale 2 out the 3 times I have done the showcase. I may just put that $15 that they have raised the prices to into promotional materials and listing. I will be very interested to see how the testing with this new idea works out.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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