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A Visit From the Deer

The deer were back last evening. I was able to get a few photos of them while they were passing through the back yard.

Have a great weekend!

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A New Mouse in the House

Yes, this time it’s mouse hair clips. Watch for one in the shop later today!

I have a busy day with taking Bean to the vet for a check up and errands to run. Hopefully I will have time to go play on Etsy too! Today I’ll leave you with a photo that I took of Bean yesterday. She’s rockin’ the terrier look in her summer haircut.

O.k. so she’s not really rockin’ out in this photo, more like chillin’.

Have a great Friday!

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Poor, poor neglected blog…

Dear little blog of mine,

I’m so sorry to have neglected you so over the last week. You see I have been keeping so busy doing Spring cleaning and stitching away.

How about a few new cutenesses for the shop? Would that cheer you up?

I have this Gray Kitty Feltidermy Brooch to show you.

How about this Recycled Wool Mouse Feltidermy Brooch? He was stitched from recycled, felted wool. The herringbone pattern of the wool gives him sweet gold and brown stripes!

Or I have this Lab Rat Feltidermy… I hand painted it’s plaque in pale pink!

I just love the contradiction of a lab rat on the sweet pink mounting!

Spring has officially sprung here in Upstate, NY! We have been having beautiful, warm and sunny days that are making everything around bud and bloom! Of course none of this is great for the allergies, but I’ll survive just to have the sun back. It’s also nice to get some of the spring cleaning done, clearing out winter for summer. Yay!

I have a little more excitement and new projects to tell you about, but that I’ll save for another day. Have a beautiful day and thank for stopping by!

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Green Shoe Etsy Finds

I wanted to share a few of my Etsy finds with you today. For some reason I found myself searching for green Mary Jane shoes this morning. Here are a few wonderful items I found along the way.

Here is a fun pair for a walk in the park, Strawberry Lime Mary Jane Shoes from emandsprout

I have been coveting a pair of Homemade Mary Jane shoes from netamir. I love how they look as if they just stepped out of a story book.

Maybe you have a little one that you are shopping for… How about Sweet tart infant mary jane shoes from smallbeans? They are so very sweet!

I thought this pin from tinaseamonster was just too cute to leave out. Even the name of it is wonderful! I Take Every Corner Like a Dance Floor Mary Janes Felt Gocco Pin

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Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Misty Mouse at Vanderbilt

This past Saturday we had the most beautiful day of the year so far. It was warm and sunny, just perfect to get out for the afternoon. We decided to take a short drive across the river to the Vanderbilt Mansion, Misty Mouse got to go along!

mouse at mansion

She thought the house was massive, but from this view it looks just about right to her.

misty rose gardens

She loved the gardens and the shapes left by the planting beds. You can see my husband and Bean in the background. Bean likes how little pieces of lawn lead you around the gardens.

misty garden sculpture

Misty thought the detail and scale of this sculpture in the water garden was quite accurate. Those toes are in pretty good shape after so much time out in the elements.

After all of the wandering around the property we were all pretty tired and ready to go home. Bean had one last lounge on the lawns and posed for a photo before leaving.


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Another week already?

Time seems to be going by so quickly…I cannot believe that it is already April! Flowers are starting to sprout from the ground and buds are showing themselves on trees. It’s so nice to see the green coming back!

I’m having problems posting here today, so this may be very short and sweet. The wordpress format is different today for some reason…I’m not sure if I will be able to get any photos to post.

I did do my shop update yesterday, with 3 new feltidermy pieces being added to the shop.

And apparently I can’t get a photo to upload today, so please go check out my update. 🙂

I’m hoping that today will be a nicer day. We had rain all day yesterday, when the rain let up we had mist. While mist is cool and romantic in scenes of Pride and Prejudice, it just gives me hives.

Speaking of Pride and Prejudice, yes, I watched it again last night.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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