Skippy Visits Las Vegas!

We had the chance to go to Las Vegas for the weekend for the Jersey Boys Opening. Of course Skippy Prototype got to tag along for the fun!

He had so much fun people watching. He thought the views from up on the over street walkways were the best.

There is so much shopping in that town! Skippy really enjoyed the Caesars Forum Shops.

In the Forum shops he ran into the Trojan Horse of FAO Schwartz. Skippy told him that he should buy handmade toys, of course.

He thought the cranes in the Bellagio Botanical Garden had a pretty good life. All of the beauty of the outdoors, under glass!

There are not many trees in Vegas. Skippy thought the Eiffel Tower at Paris looked like a good place to climb and stash some nuts.

He realized that you can’t go anywhere in Vegas without passing at least one set of slot machines. He really wanted to play! Skippy was very disappointed to find out that not only was he not old enough, at just 1 year old, but slot machines don’t take acorns.

After all of the excitement of a wild weekend in Vegas, Skippy was very glad to go back home. Besides it was his first trip on a plane. Not many squirrels get to see the world from above the trees!


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  1. 1

    Ana said,

    OMG, that is SO funny! LOL
    that’s awesome 🙂

  2. 2

    ctmott said,

    I was listening to the Four Seasons while on the treadmill today..When” Big Girls Don’t Cry” came on..I thought who the heck is he kidding, I am dying on this thing and ready to shed a few tears..
    Love slot machines..good thing I don’t live near them..they would own my soul..well, maybe not my soul..but a good part of my life.

  3. 3

    saffron said,

    Skippy is cute, and so well traveled!

  4. 4

    Kathleen said,

    Aaw… Seems like Skippy had lots of fun!

  5. 5

    oreganidog said,

    hehe! This is great, glad to see that Skippy is making the most of his time. Such an enjoyable post!

  6. 6

    chris said,

    Glad to hear Skippy had a good time too!

  7. 7

    Angela said,

    Hehehe! These are great! It reminds me of the garden gnome in “Amelie.”

  8. 8

    Laura said,

    I just love this post! This is just a perfect Monday pick-me-up!

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