A few new plush and an update.

I’ve added a few new plush to the shop in the past few days.

First was Bruno the Wool Felt Bear Plush

Bruno was lucky enough to get to the front page of Etsy Sunday evening, in a beautiful treasury curated by fringe!

Next Ponik the Little Loch Ness Monster was added to the shop on Monday.

He is the smallest loch ness monster that I have made, at 7 inches long. Isn’t he Cute!?

Finally, last but certainly not least I added Margarita the Plush Bunny to the shop this morning. I love her chartreuse green wool felt!

The update is about Dad in the Ragbrai… Dad made it through most of the first day. That leg of the ride has many hills and the heat was up in the high 90’s. Understandably for those conditions he ended up in the hospital with heat exhaustion. I know I wouldn’t have made it as far as he did and I have to wonder how many other people are in hospitals along the Ragrai route due to heat. I truly think the Ragrai organizers should think about doing this in September or October when it is not as hot across Iowa.

Dad certainly can’t say he didn’t try and can now check this one off his “Bucket List”. I’m very proud of you dad, but very happy that you are home and safe! xo!


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  1. 1

    Helena said,

    I’m glad he’s safe, too. I can’t imagine ever doing something like that (the most time I spend outdoors is the second it takes to walk from the house to the car), but it takes all kinds! Maybe next year they’ll plan it better, but even so, it’s still an accomplishment. Yay him!

    Your plush are fantastic, as always! How do you get them done so quickly? I’ve always admired people who can work at such a productive pace. ^___^

  2. 2

    Robin Lynne said,

    What a cute little Nessieeee!

    Also – way to go Dad! And yikes, and glad you’re back home and ok. 🙂

  3. 3

    Stockton said,

    Those look so excellent – I especially love the bear.

  4. 4

    Morgan said,

    I love your new items! They are so freaking cute 🙂

  5. 5

    chris said,

    yes they should delay the ride until september! i adore margaritta… the color and name are wonderful!

  6. 6

    Lovemaryxoxo said,

    Great work! How cute they are.

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