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The Spring Hare

This is another animal I saw at theĀ  Field Museum. springharemuseumThe spring hare resembles a tiny kangaroo with long powerful back legs. It is actually neither a kangaroo nor a hare but in fact a rodent. The spring hare lives only in south-eastern Africa, feeding on plant matter and even occasionally insects. Spring hares are hunted to a degree for their meat and sometimes culled to protect crops and are also at risk from habitat loss.

Here is my feltidermy version of a spring hare, you can find it in my Etsy shop.

springharecuI love how his paws really make it look like he is up to no good! Maybe he is plotting evil plans to overthrow all the hunters!

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More Ferret Fun

Not too long ago I had told you about a couple custom ferrets that I had made. They were made as a wedding gift and have now made it to there new home!

Yesterday I was thrilled to receive pictures of the plush ferrets with their real life counterparts! Misty, up top, and Star, below that, look very happy in their home… the plush and real ferrets together. As for the happy couple I wish them many, many years of happiness in wedded bliss! Congratulations!

Yesterday I finished a new custom ferret for another order. This little girl was a little harder, but I think she is very cute in the end.

And finally we have Bianca the Albino Ferret, she is in my shop and available to anyone who wishes to have her.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We will be heading out soon to get Beans’ haircut! While she is at the groomers the Mr and I will visit with some friends we have not seen in forever!

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