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If you have read this blog before or have been in my Etsy shop, you should know of my love for antlers. I wanted to show you a few antlers items today.

The first is a gorgeous necklace that my Mr. gave me for Christmas from loving anvil.


It’s so delicate and beautiful! I also love that it is sort of unexpected to look closer at a necklace and find such a wonderfully detailed buck! Be sure to check this shop out for many beautiful items.

Next item was a treat to myself. I saw this adorable hat at Jack Rabbit and had to have it!


Christine is so talented and yes, I believe that is her modeling the hat. Isn’t she cute! I received it the other day and fell even more in love with this hat. It fits like she made it for me and the detail is awesome! I also have to say that it matches my green wool coat too. Please check out her shop for some really amazing pieces!

Next is the newest jackalope from my shop, Mocha Jackalope.


He is every shade of color you would expect from my favorite morning drink, a mocha latte.

Lastly today is a pair of antlers for my newest custom piece that I will be completing today.


This piece will be a mustard, tan and bone colored version of the jackalope feltidermy- large. I will post photos of it after it is finished.

I hope you all have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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How cool is this?


That is my shop on my husbands new iPhone! He got one from his bosses at work…I really didn’t think that I would like it, but come on! How cool is that? Etsy looks absolutely beautiful on it too! The only down side is that it is not flash compatible, so you can’t see all of the cool little things on there. So, you all don’t have to worry about my trying to snag a treasury while on a road trip. haha! I am a little excited that I never have to leave my shop or blog at home again. When we have to drive 15 hours home to IL for the holidays, you know where I’m going to be.

I thought I might show you a peak of my next piece that I’m currently working on…


Yes, those are antlers! So far I have worked for about 2 hours just to get that much done. For comparison this is the size of my usual feltidermy in my hand.


I’m hoping that it will be fairly close to “life” size. I plan to work most of the weekend on it, we’ll see how far that gets me on it.


I also wanted to introduce you to these 2 today. It getting cold so we are seeing them cuddling out in the living room more these days. They have finally given up on the idea that the dog may just be here for a visit. That is Cassidy in front and Reeces behind her. Yes, my sisters named Reeces after the peanut butter cups and Cassidy was named for the Grateful Dead song. Aren’t they cute? O.k. I’m partial, they have been our babies for 12 years now, we got them as kittens from my parents. Right now Reeces is trying to tell me that she needs food, so I will leave you all for today.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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