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Take me out to the ballgame!

My sister and her family are in town visiting us this week! Today we are going down to Yankee Stadium for a game. My nephew is a huge Yankees fan and can’t wait to see Alex Rodriguez play! He also wants to take a picture of his number at the field.

I thought today I would bring you a couple great baseball related items from Etsy.

First is from Lemon Ball. LEMON BALLâ„¢ baseballs are classic vintage style baseballs based on the original lemon peel style “base ball” from the early 19th Century. Oh, and they are just darn cool too! This one is the Vintage style lemon peel baseball. Tan with Red stitches

I thought this ACEO from OneKeeneKat was also perfect for the occasion. It is their ACEO PRINT Baseball Colored Pencil Drawing CaaT

Have a great day!

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