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Finfina trophies and there is no murder involved

That is what was translated from a site where I found some of my Feltidermy being featured the other day! The title read: Finfina troféer utan att det är mord inblandat… and I said ” Oh my gosh, what are they saying?” With the help of a few friends and Google Translate, we found out that I was being featured on two different Swedish sites within a short time of each other.

Skönare Hem was the first one that I came across…

It said: Tjejen som gör dessa supersöta troféer att hänga på väggen jobbar under namnet Girlsavage och bor norr om New York tillsamman med katter och en konstnärlig man. Hon beskriver sig själv som kreativ och säger sig ha en passion att tillverka saker. No doubt about it! Jag gillar verkligen alla hennes små lite quirky djurhuvuden som är i tyg och fastsatt på en träplatta. Vill du kolla mer klicka här.

Which translates to: Girls who do these supersöta trophies to hang on the wall working under the name Girlsavage and lives north of New York in common with their cats and an artistic Monday. She describes herself as creative and say they have a passion to make things. No doubt about it! I really like all her small little quirky djurhuvuden who are in cloth and fixed to a träplatta. Would you like to see more click here.

The next one I found was Stylissimo

It said: Jag ville bara dela med mig av girlsavage´s kreativitet. Tycker de handgjorda uppstoppade djurhuvuden är helt underbara. Om man så gärna vill ha de på väggen kan man juh variera sig och använda sig av dessa. Då behöver man heller inte döda något på vägen.

Which translates to: I just wanted to share with you girlsavage’s creativity. Does the handmade uppstoppade djurhuvuden is absolutely wonderful. If you would like to have those on the wall, you can vary juha themselves and make use of them. Then you need not kill anything on the road.

~I’m always so flattered and excited when I find my work featured somewhere. These two were an added bit of fun because we had to translate them before being able to read them. Thank you so much to the people who have been nice enough to feature my work!

How soon will you be googling your name?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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