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P.Nut’s First Adventure!

Friday afternoon when P.Nut and Chippy Prototype heard we were going to Ribfest, they decided it would be great for her first outing.


P.Nut ran and snuggled into my purse and said she was ready for action!


While waiting on the platform, she got very excited for her first ‘L’ ride!


P.Nut thought it was pretty neat that she was the only squirrel on the ‘L’.


The festival was very crowded and everyone was drinking beer. P.Nut was glad that we thought to bring a bottle of water.


Watching all of the ribs getting grilled was fun! P.Nut didn’t eat any of them, she is a vegetarian, but she thought the cheese fries were great!


She really enjoyed seeing a couple bands that she has listened to in the office at home. The Harlem Shakes were fun, but she liked Office the best!

After all of that, it was time to head back home. She couldn’t wait to tell Chippy all about it. P.Nut had so much excitement that she fell asleep on the way home. Telling her adventure would have to wait until morning.


Saturday morning when I got up, I found her in the dining room with Chippy Prototype and Iris. She was having so much fun telling them all about her evening out.

P.Nut can hardly wait for her next adventure! She read something about
Andersonville Midsommarfest in one of the papers, that might be fun…

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A trip to the Arctic?


No, just a walk over to Lake Michigan in December. Last weekend we decided to take the dogs for a walk over to the beach near our place. The beach is one of Bean’s favorite places to go, so we thought we would check it out in winter.

boysonice Where the boys are standing in the above picture is usually water.

arcticskyline I like how you can see the Chicago skyline in this one!



Today in Chicago we are in the middle of another snow storm. We’re expected to get 9 inches of snow, on top of the 3 we already had on the ground. I’ve heard that the east coast is supposed to get a storm today too. Wherever you are, stay safe and warm!

In girlsavage news, there are still a few feltidermy available in the shop. I’ve been trying to add new ones for the last week and a half for those who didn’t get custom orders in on time. Oh, and speaking of the arctic, there is a Narwhal Plush in the shop too!


Tomorrow is my last day to ship for Christmas items. Since they are shipped by Priority Mail, shipping tomorrow should still give items plenty of time to arrive by the holiday. I will still ship up until the 23rd before we go visit family for Christmas, but I can’t tell you that they will arrive by Christmas.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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Settling in…

We have arrived in Chicago and are for the most part unpacked. The unpacking has gone on fairly easily and quickly too! Which is a relief after surviving the snow storm in PA that we had to drive through to get here. The Mr and I are both working from home now, so far so good. Finding a new routine here has  been fun too, finding new local spots and trying them out. Would you like to see a couple photos of the new place?

livingroomThis one was taken from the sun room…Yes, we have a sun room! Our old apartment in Upstate NY was just a little larger than the living and sun rooms combined in this place. I still have to giggle now and then at how much space and storage we have here. Bean has been loving chasing her tennis ball up and down the hall….I need to take the downstairs neighbor some cookies and apologize for the noise.

The next photo is from the kitchen of the dining room.

dinningfromkitchenI love the built in cabinet in the kitchen, it is large enough to hold my most frequently used cookbooks along with my favorite glassware. We just received the dining table from my parents. It was my great-grandmothers, I’m so excited to finally have room for it! We will be hosting Thanksgiving here for both  sets of parents along with what other siblings and friends can attend. It has turned into a joke that dinner will be B.Y.O.C or bring your own chair, since we only have 2 dining chairs as of now.

Back to work for me. I need to get some more items finished for the shop. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Worst Blogger Award?

If there is one, I should probably get it this month. I can’t believe that I haven’t posted in weeks! It has been awfully busy around here and doesn’t look like it will be slowing down for us for at least a few months.

I have gotten some new items made for the shop! New feltidermy in sizes and colors that I have been wanting to make for a while now. I put the newest ones up on the wall yesterday to show how they look together and to compare their sizes. I love seeing them together like this!

feltidermy hung up

I finally got to make a new plush from a pattern I have been developing. I have been wanting to make dogs for a while now. I decided to start with a greyhound, I just love their graceful lines. Today I finished Zip and added him to the shop.

greyhound plush

Finally our big news that has been keeping us busy… We are moving! My husband and I are both originally from Illinois. We moved to New York almost 8 years ago, when he started grad school at SUNY New Paltz. As much as we have loved it here, we are feeling the pull towards home. We have decided on Chicago. Both of us have wanted to live their since we were children, now feels like the right time to do it.

We would love any help or advice that could be given by any of you who may live in Chicago. We will need a 2 bedroom apartment for September that is cat and dog friendly. We are looking for a safe neighborhood with things to do and hopefully a dog park.

Thanks for stopping by! I will be posting more frequently now that I have figured out a summer schedule. Have a great weekend!

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