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My poor neglected little blog!

I’m so sorry little blog of mine for the neglect I have shown you this week. I have been so busy…Well, why don’t I just show you how busy…

I finished this little guy , he has a new owner now..


and I started making these…

bunnyornament1tcu.jpg squirrel1ornamenttcu.jpg

I also had some custom orders to work on this week…

custombuckfeltidermycu.jpg goldie2customcu.jpg bluejackfeltcu.jpg

They are all on their way to new homes now…

And finally I was able to finish this guy for the shop.


Isn’t he cute?

And finally today I wanted to tell you about the other Etsians that I met at the show last week.

There was Lefthand Originals, they have great jewelry! I love the Paris Eiffel Tower necklace!

UrbanGipsy was there with wonderful art from ACEOs to cloth dolls! She is so fun and wonderful!

CharlieandSarah were there with their brilliant British Flashcard silkscreen designs!

I also met MamaRobot who was there with her handmade cards, prints and apparel. Cute designs from one of the sweetest people!

1Girl1Boy was there with the coolest hand-dyed and block printed kids t-shirts!

Clemintine was there with her absolutely gorgeous jewelry!

And last, but certainly not least, was the lovely Lola of The Lola Collection. I covet her Fickle Finch Necklace.

I’m so please to say that we are almost finished with our Christmas shopping! Thanks to Etsy and it’s wonderful shops! We’re completely shocked to wake up to our first snowfall of the season today! The puppy will be happy, she loves snow!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Are you Etsy?


First of all, I listed a new Reindeer Feltidermy yesterday…

After doing that, I was so excited to go into a local holiday show and find a room full of Etsians! It is so surreal to meet people, that you talk to everyday online, in real life. I was so overwhelmed with the kindness of all and the beautiful wares!

I purchased the most beautiful pair of fingerless gloves from amuse! I am so in love with these gloves, if you can be in love with gloves…Well, I am anyway. Alpaca wool gorgeousness!


Right next to them was the rockin’ sweet lowleepop. We found the perfect bib for a friends baby that will be arriving in the next few months. How cute is this for a baby boy of a mom who loves to rock it out now and then?


Being a soap addict, I couldn’t resist finally making a purchase from Morgan Street ! Pecan pie gift soaps and a lily of the valley. The pecan pie soaps will be included in Christmas gifts, but I think I have to keep the lily of the valley for myself. It is my favorite flower!


I just don’t have enough time today to talk about all of the wonderful Etsians that I met. I will have to save the other half for tomorrow…

I do want to finish today with go monkey designs who had organized the show. She is so sweet and her wares are too wonderful! From wallets and wristlets to clothing, everything is so great! I especially love the little unisex french pants! So cute!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And remember, if you see a holiday show going on it your area..It just may be a room full of Etsy artists!

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