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Have a Merry Merry!

christmastreeWishing you all a save a warm holiday season!

We are heading off to visit both families. It is already a more relaxing Christmas this year since we don’t have to drive 15 hours to get to either parents house!!

I hope you all have a great holiday and that Santa is good to you too!

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Only 10 Days Until Christmas!?

Really? I’ve been so busy that this didn’t occur to until yesterday! I think that I am almost done with all of the custom orders for Christmas. Although there is still a little time left for anyone that does want any custom items. I have decided not to close up the shop for the holidays even though I will be out of town. Yes, I’ve decided to take everything with me. Supplies to make anything new I may feel like making, items in my shop, the laptop and camera are all coming with to Illinois for the holidays!

I thought I might answer just a couple questions from the last post here…

1.Rachel asked: Is that a little button on the top of the wrapped package? If so, that’s a very cute idea.

A. Yes it is! I ordered them from kittycrossbones on etsy. She was great to work with!

2. Carey said: I know this is unrelated, but did I spot a little deer of yours in the Dec. ME Home Companion magazine?!! I think I did! Congrats!!!

A. Oh my Gosh! Yes you did! I had to go look it up as soon as I got that message. Last night we ran out to buy the magazine. It is slightly disappointing because it makes no mention of girlsavage . It is used in relation to getcrafty where I sometimes blog and always at least read the forums…I am still so very excited to see an image of one of my animals in a national magazine!


Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! I also had to buy a copy for my mom.

Remember while getting ready for the holidays…Take time to enjoy some of the fun stuff this season! Put on your favorite Christmas music or movies, make some hot cocoa for some fun wrapping gifts, bake cookies with friends or family, if you have snow…go out and play in it! We have 8 inches and puppy loves snow, so we will be doing lots of the playing in snow stuff!


Have a great weekend!

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37 Shopping Days Until Christmas?!

Yikes! I’ve been so busy stocking up my little shop that I have almost forgotten to start my shopping! I have started buying a few small items, sorry can’t show you yet. I don’t want to spoil any Christmas day surprises!

Jackalopes 5 and 6 feltidermy are on their way to their new homes! I’m always so happy to send my creations off to a new home. To know that they will be loved by someone else is a wonderful feeling!

I have some exciting news today! I have been accepted to the 3rd Ward Holiday Sale in Brooklyn on December 8, 2007! Whoo hoo, my first real show! If you’re in the area that day, please stop by and say hi. With only 3 weeks to prepare, I’m going to be one very busy little Savage.

With only a little over a month until Christmas and less than a week until Thanksgiving it is easy to remember that winter is heading our way. However , when we had a few snow flurries yesterday it did come as a shock! Snow! It has been predicted for today here in the Hudson Valley. I’m so glad I stocked up on hot cocoa before this weekend. I also made some chocolate chip cookies yesterday, yum!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! I’m off to work on a new large Jackalope Feltidermy!

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The Feltidermy are coming, the Feltidermy are coming!


Jackalope 2 Feltidermy was added to the shop yesterday. This one has already sold and is on it’s way to France today! I will be adding a chocolate brown version of the jackalope feltdermy very soon. There is also a custom order feltidermy in the works this week, I will show you photos of it when it is finished. In the upcoming weeks, I will be adding new deer versions of feltidermy as well as rabbits and squirrels… Be on the look out for them!

It has turned cold in this part of the world very quickly. Over the course of a few days it has gotten too cold to have windows open or go outside without a jacket. I can hardly believe that winter and the holidays are right around the corner! Only 54 shopping days until Christmas? Yikes! Which reminds me…I took the handmade pledge, did you?

I have to admit that there are a few gifts that I’m not sure we’ll be able to do handmade. I will sure try though! There are so many wonderful crafts people and artists out there, surely we can get close. It’s going to be a mostly Etsy Christmas…What we can not find on Etsy we will try to find locally.

Have a great day!

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