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Present to a peaceful hunters?

This was translated from another page that I found one of my feltidermy featured on. I found it through Google on Metrobloggen – Presentgurun, another Swedish site!

It read: Present till en fredlig jägare?

En smårolig present till jägaren – eller jägarens barn! – är “troféer” av filt, monterade på rejäla plattor, precis som jakttroféer ska vara. Dessa finns att köpa eller specialbeställa hos Girl Savage för runt $30 och uppåt.

Which when translated in Google translate says: Present to a peaceful hunters?

A smårolig gift to the hunter – or the hunter’s children! — Are “trophies” of felt, mounted on sturdy plates, just like hunting trophies should be. These can be bought or specialbeställa of Girl Savage for around $ 30 and up.

I have added a couple new Feltidermy to the shop this week. Jackalope 24 Feltidermy

and Bookish Mouse 6 Feltidermy.

I also added a new Plush today!

Emmet the Embossed Felt Deer is now waiting for a new home! He was stitched from royal blue, embossed felt and couldn’t be any cuter!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! which in Swedish, according to Google translate is: Ha en trevlig dag och tack för att stanna till!

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A Visit From the Deer

The deer were back last evening. I was able to get a few photos of them while they were passing through the back yard.

Have a great weekend!

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A Few Dear Favorites

I am working to catch up on my custom orders, for my shop, stitching as fast as my fingers can go.

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorites that I have been coveting from Etsy. All deer related!

Wood stag pendant from garnishhome.


Linen pillow cover by dearpony .


Felt bead earrings – fawn by thankyouenjoy.


thankyouenjoy has done some wonderful custom work for me lately, making mouse glasses!

bookishmouse2cu.jpg Have a great weekend!

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Busy Monday after a Lazy Sunday


Well, first of all today…Sonny Squirrel is on the front page of Etsy this morning! That is certainly an exciting start to a Monday morning. There are 2 Jackalope Feltidermy in the works right now, a new “life size” piece and another custom. The Mounted Buck Feltidermy has been purchased and will be heading off to Australia tomorrow. Wow, all of that going on before 9:00 am!

Yesterday our Sunday was such a nice and lazy day. We really only left the house to walk Bean down to the park. The Mr. made a huge pot of vegetarian chili in the crock pot, he makes the best chili! The rest of the day I stitched and he painted while Bean and the 2 cats slept near heaters. Ahhh, it was a nice day….

I must be off to work on feltidermy, clean up the house a bit and start my Thanksgiving menu. Oh, for Cathy (Scrap4U)… We really just eat and spend time with friends and family on Thanksgiving, no gift giving for another month. Thank goodness for that! heehee!

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by!

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Would you like an Etsy bumper sticker?


Leave a comment in this post between now and Friday November 9 and I will draw a name from those comments. I will be sending someone one of the bumper stickers made at Etsy Labs. Also for the next 2 people who order from my shop, they will also receive one of these. I had originally bought them to send out in packages, but thought it might be fun to give one away here too!


I added this beauty to my shop today! She is Gray Deer Feltidermy, made up from wool blend felts in gray and white. She has been hand stitched and stuffed with new polyfill then attached to a wood plaque that I have stained and sealed. I just love her sweet face!

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Number Five has Arrived


Here it is, Jackalope 5 Feltidermy was listed in my shop yesterday. I will be listing a gray deer feltidermy tomorrow afternoon.

Hmmm… now for the question. Is it grey or gray? I actually tend to spell it grey first, then spell check puts that annoying red line under it.

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The Feltidermy are coming, the Feltidermy are coming!


Jackalope 2 Feltidermy was added to the shop yesterday. This one has already sold and is on it’s way to France today! I will be adding a chocolate brown version of the jackalope feltdermy very soon. There is also a custom order feltidermy in the works this week, I will show you photos of it when it is finished. In the upcoming weeks, I will be adding new deer versions of feltidermy as well as rabbits and squirrels… Be on the look out for them!

It has turned cold in this part of the world very quickly. Over the course of a few days it has gotten too cold to have windows open or go outside without a jacket. I can hardly believe that winter and the holidays are right around the corner! Only 54 shopping days until Christmas? Yikes! Which reminds me…I took the handmade pledge, did you?

I have to admit that there are a few gifts that I’m not sure we’ll be able to do handmade. I will sure try though! There are so many wonderful crafts people and artists out there, surely we can get close. It’s going to be a mostly Etsy Christmas…What we can not find on Etsy we will try to find locally.

Have a great day!

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Antiques and Inspiration

Yesterday we decided to drive across the river to the Rhinebeck Antiques Fair. We had never gone before and decided that this year we would. There were so many amazing pieces there and so many we could only dream of owning some day. There were lots of inspiring pieces there for me. I had to sneak out my camera for these two…

stuffedbull.jpg carveddeerhead.jpg

Yes, that is a 20 inch tall stuffed bull! I love his shape, he is giving me great ideas for new patterns! And yes, that is a carved deer head with real antlers! What maker of feltidermy would not be in awe of that? Yet another “No animals were harmed in the making of this”… I had to love it!

In the end, this is the little guy that I had to bring home with me!

bearpincushion2.jpg bearpincushioncloseup.jpg

He is a pincushion and I just love him! The little bear stands about 2 1/2 inches tall and is full of cuteness! How could I resist that face? Maybe he will also give me some inspiration for a stuffed bear!

Now I must go finish Choco Bunny so that he can make his debut in my shop tomorrow! After he is finished I will start work on a custom bunny that I was contacted about making last night. Yay, for bunny cuteness!

Have a wonderful day!

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Deery me, he is cute!

I just finished this little guy yesterday and boy is he cute! His name is Stormy, he’ll be in my shop later today.


I just love when I stitch on their little faces and they seem to come to life. He looks a little bit grumpy too me, perhaps he is just mischievous like some of little boys are.

The lovely white doe has a name! She has been named Yuki, Japanese for snow! You can now find her in my shop. Have a great day!

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Feltidermy and how it came to be.

I thought today I might show you some more feltidermy. I just added this guy to my shop this week.


Mounted Fawn Fletidermy. I love that he looks slightly surpised and confused, yet happy to be there. After all he is a feltidermy, he doesn’t know that he represents a dead animal. He does know that he is a whole lot cuter than a dead animal.

Feltidermy came about by a strange request from a music video producer. I was contacted and asked if I could make a mounted moose head that could be puppeted from behind to lip sync to music. While I actually thought it was not such a weird request, but the fact that it would need to be in Los Angeles, CA 4 days from then was way out there too me. I hadn’t even thought about the mechanics of the whole thing…A pattern would have to be developed, mounting would need figuring out…Let alone the whole puppetry aspect. I decided I had to try to make one, not a puppet version, just mounted. I loved the idea of a mounted felt stuffed animal head!

Here is what I came up with after 2 weeks of work.


Mounted Deer Feltidermy! I am happy to say that this one now has a new home. Don’t worry,you can find more in my shop. There is even a Feltidermy section to make it easier for you to find them. Right now you can find a mounted buck, a lavender jackalope and the mounted fawn.

Yes, I also do custom pieces if you are interested. This is the White Rabbit Mounted Feltidermy that I just made for a customer in the past week.


She loved the feltidermy and Powder the White Bunny in my shop. Mix that together with a fascination with Alice in Wonderland and there you go… a brilliant idea! I was so happy to be able to bring this idea to life for her!

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