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Wordless Wednesday ~ Mother Nature is such a tease.

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Chippy Prototype at Oktoberfest

Last weekend we went up to Hunter Mountain for Oktoberfest with a couple friends. Chippy went along for the fun!

There were lots of people there!

And a band up in front of the lodge. Are they really playing “Sweet Home Alabama” ? This is Oktoberfest in upstate NY, right?

I was too scared of heights, but my husband and our friend The Filmonista took Chippy up on the ski lift to enjoy the view.

Chippy don’t jump, we’re too high up!

Much cozier to be safe in her scarf!

It was getting late in the day, time to get back down to the ground.

Chippy thought they should go to the beer tent after braving the ski lift. Time to take this little squirrel home!

Would you like your own little squirrel to take out on adventures? You can now find this little guy, Acorn the Tiny Squirrel Plush in my shop!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Skippy and a Walk in the Woods


Yesterday we went out for a drive around edge of Catskill Mountain Park and of course Skippy Prototype had to go with. All of the trees are so beautiful right now with every color of fall. We found a little path off of the road to go walking on.


There were so many places along the path to take in all of the beauty. Skippy got down in the fallen leaves so that he could smell them all. The sent of maple, oak and sycamore mixed together is such a wonderful thing.


He loved the look of this hill, all of the leaves making a perfect carpet, so nice and crunchy beneath your feet.


He thought that this log was a perfect place to take in the views.

Skippy was soon very tired and asked for a shoulder ride back to the car.


This was quite a big adventure for a little squirrel, after all Skippy is a house squirrel.  He was so excited to come home and tell all of the others what fun he had.

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She has a name!

Macadamia has a name and is now available in my shop. She is so lovely, but a little nutty, that’s how she got her name. I’m very excited about these new cute little critters that are being added this week! Later today I will be adding another little squirrel…a little grey squirrel! Want a little peek at him?


Well, I did say a peek. 😉 His tail is stuffed and his face is ready to be stitched on…He should be ready to go into the shop later today.

I thought today I would leave you with some of the views from around my neighborhood. We are having a beautiful fall in Upstate , NY . So, I leave you with trees, leaves and some amazing mushrooms I found growing in my yard. Have a lovely weekend!

fallbirch.jpg fallleaves.jpg fallmaple.jpg

tinyshrooms.jpg  hugeshrooms.jpg

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