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A grey squirrel and apple tarts


Griffin Squirrel has arrived at girlsavage! You got a little peek of his tail yesterday, now here he is in all of his cuteness. You can now find this sweet little guy in my shop. I just love that face, he looks so curious! I think at the size of these new tiny guys, they would make adorable companions for Blythe dolls. They are awfully cute just hanging out near you too. Believe me, I have these cute little faces around me all day!

It has been raining since yesterday afternoon.. The cold, damp weather makes me want comforting things. I want apple pie with hot cocoa. To at least take care of one of my needs, yesterday I baked. I love to bake, it’s one of my favorite activities! To take simple ingredients and turn them into something beautiful and yummy…I believe it’s not only a science, but an art too! I had apples so, I made rustic apple tarts!


Mmmm…Now all I need is the hot cocoa! Have a wonderful and cozy weekend!

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