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Poor, poor neglected blog…

Dear little blog of mine,

I’m so sorry to have neglected you so over the last week. You see I have been keeping so busy doing Spring cleaning and stitching away.

How about a few new cutenesses for the shop? Would that cheer you up?

I have this Gray Kitty Feltidermy Brooch to show you.

How about this Recycled Wool Mouse Feltidermy Brooch? He was stitched from recycled, felted wool. The herringbone pattern of the wool gives him sweet gold and brown stripes!

Or I have this Lab Rat Feltidermy… I hand painted it’s plaque in pale pink!

I just love the contradiction of a lab rat on the sweet pink mounting!

Spring has officially sprung here in Upstate, NY! We have been having beautiful, warm and sunny days that are making everything around bud and bloom! Of course none of this is great for the allergies, but I’ll survive just to have the sun back. It’s also nice to get some of the spring cleaning done, clearing out winter for summer. Yay!

I have a little more excitement and new projects to tell you about, but that I’ll save for another day. Have a beautiful day and thank for stopping by!

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