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A few new plush and an update.

I’ve added a few new plush to the shop in the past few days.

First was Bruno the Wool Felt Bear Plush

Bruno was lucky enough to get to the front page of Etsy Sunday evening, in a beautiful treasury curated by fringe!

Next Ponik the Little Loch Ness Monster was added to the shop on Monday.

He is the smallest loch ness monster that I have made, at 7 inches long. Isn’t he Cute!?

Finally, last but certainly not least I added Margarita the Plush Bunny to the shop this morning. I love her chartreuse green wool felt!

The update is about Dad in the Ragbrai… Dad made it through most of the first day. That leg of the ride has many hills and the heat was up in the high 90’s. Understandably for those conditions he ended up in the hospital with heat exhaustion. I know I wouldn’t have made it as far as he did and I have to wonder how many other people are in hospitals along the Ragrai route due to heat. I truly think the Ragrai organizers should think about doing this in September or October when it is not as hot across Iowa.

Dad certainly can’t say he didn’t try and can now check this one off his “Bucket List”. I’m very proud of you dad, but very happy that you are home and safe! xo!

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More New Stuff and a Really Good Movie

I know not a really exciting title, but that is what’s been happening on this week around here. So, yay for new stuff!

I have added a couple new feltidermy pieces to the shop this week.

Bunny Rabbit 12 Feltidermy

and a Large Loch Ness Monster Feltidermy Here you can see it with the smaller size that I have previously made.

I also added a couple new plush…A Large Loch Ness Monster This one is 12 inches long!

And today I added A Berry Sweet Plush of a Squirrel

There is one more new one this week that will be listed tomorrow. I’m leaving him for a surprise, but he is from a brand new pattern.

Now for the good movie…Well, I’m not sure good is enough, it was great! We went to the theater last night to see Wall-E. It was just so wonderful that I can’t get over it. Way to go Disney~Pixar!

Of course if you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of animated movies. This one really stands out as the best I’ve seen! It was amazing how real this little animated robot is. I almost forgot he was animated a few times! They did an awesome job of giving him such a cute personality without making it sappy. It was nice to see an animated feature that didn’t have tons of pop culture references and annoying, all action scenes that makes you dizzy. And Eve, or Eva as Wall-E pronounces her name, is one of the most beautiful robots ever. I highly recommend seeing this one, for kids and adults, it really is sweet and wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to be back tomorrow with my new plush and a new Skippy adventure too! If you need a way to beat the heat this summer, go see Wall-E!

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Time for Shop Update Friday!

I am sorry, but I only have a small update again this week. Hopefully soon I will have time to make even more new creations. Here are the few new additions, hope you enjoy them!

orangemousebrooch.jpgBrown Mouse 3 Feltidermy Brooch

redsquirrel.jpg Red Squirrel Feltidermy inspired by the European Red Squirrel.

selmacu1.jpg Selma the Wool Felt Loch Ness Monster

It is a rainy day here today, a good day to stay in and enjoy a movie. I recently picked up 2 favorites on sale at Best Buy.

hensondvd.jpg Both Jim Henson classics, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, I find all of the creatures of Jim Henson adventures so inspiring!

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A Weeks Worth of New Additions!

I’ve been working all week, adding new creations to the shop. Stitching a creature a day has been the average this week.

Monday :


Petal the Pink Wool Felt Bunny was added, along with…


Jackalope 14 Feltidermy, which is a large “life size” version!

With Tuesday came the arrival of…


Minty the Pale Green Wool Felt Fawn

Wednesday I added the first pony to the Shop


Francis the Prancing Pony is his name.

Thursday I added a new Loch Ness Monster named Niseag, Scottish gaelic for Nessie.

He made it to the front page in the afternoon


and today is on his way to a new home.

Last, but certainly not least…for today, Friday we have :


Petey the Tiny Wheat Wool Felt Jackalope, who is the sweetest little jackalope!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I plan to to a little relaxing and more stitching and more stitching and more stitching…

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