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Feltidermy featured on Cuteable today!

cuteable3-6-09The Embossed Rhino Feltidermy that I finished yesterday is featured on Cuteable’s Flickr Friday! What a great way to start my Friday! Here’s a larger view of this feltidermy.

embossedrhinoThere are a couple more feltidermy that have been added to my shop this week.

I love pygmy goats! If I had a little farm land I would have a few of my own. I just had to make a Pygmy Goat Feltidermy!

pygmygoatAlso new this week is a Bunny Rabbit Feltidermy that is just in time for spring and St. Patrick’s Day….in chartreuse green of course!

bunny36You can also find this one in my Etsy shop.

I made black bean and tofu enchiladas last night. They were really yummy! I’ll try to get the recipe written up today so I can post it for you this weekend. It has been warming up around here the past couple days, but it looks like rain for this weekend. If we get our rainy weekend I’ll be posting here and working on new items for the shop…if not, I’ll be out goofing off!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Don’t worry, no fish were harmed!

I made a brand new Feltidermy for the shop, introducing… Green Fish Feltidermy! My eight year old nephew actually suggested that I do it and since it had been something I had been thinking of doing…I just couldn’t resist!

Does it remind you of those singing fish from a few years ago? Yup, me too! This one does not sing, because ya know as funny as those were after the first time you made it sing, it just got kind of annoying after that. Although…I haven’t completely dropped the thought. If your not sure what I’m talking about, watch this!

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