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A New Mouse in the House

Yes, this time it’s mouse hair clips. Watch for one in the shop later today!

I have a busy day with taking Bean to the vet for a check up and errands to run. Hopefully I will have time to go play on Etsy too! Today I’ll leave you with a photo that I took of Bean yesterday. She’s rockin’ the terrier look in her summer haircut.

O.k. so she’s not really rockin’ out in this photo, more like chillin’.

Have a great Friday!

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Poor, poor neglected blog…

Dear little blog of mine,

I’m so sorry to have neglected you so over the last week. You see I have been keeping so busy doing Spring cleaning and stitching away.

How about a few new cutenesses for the shop? Would that cheer you up?

I have this Gray Kitty Feltidermy Brooch to show you.

How about this Recycled Wool Mouse Feltidermy Brooch? He was stitched from recycled, felted wool. The herringbone pattern of the wool gives him sweet gold and brown stripes!

Or I have this Lab Rat Feltidermy… I hand painted it’s plaque in pale pink!

I just love the contradiction of a lab rat on the sweet pink mounting!

Spring has officially sprung here in Upstate, NY! We have been having beautiful, warm and sunny days that are making everything around bud and bloom! Of course none of this is great for the allergies, but I’ll survive just to have the sun back. It’s also nice to get some of the spring cleaning done, clearing out winter for summer. Yay!

I have a little more excitement and new projects to tell you about, but that I’ll save for another day. Have a beautiful day and thank for stopping by!

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Fresh Cuteness for Spring

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it. It looks like we are going to have a gorgeous day here in the Hudson Valley. I’m so happy that spring in finally here!

A few fresh items were added to the shop on Friday.

graysquirrelcu.jpg Squirrel 3 Feltidermy

whitebookishmousecu.jpg Bookish Mouse 4 Feltidermy, I couldn’t wait to make a white bookish lab mouse!

robinbunnyfl.jpg Robin the Blue Wool Felt Bunny has arrived just in time for Spring and Easter. He was named for the Robins egg blue wool felt that he was stitched from.

The 1st Annual Softies Easter Parade voting polls have opened today! There are a few entries from me in the billions of bunnies and parade of pastels categories. Go see the cuteness and vote for your favorites. wink, wink…

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you all have a lovely day!

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Busy, busy, busy…

It seems like I have been working non-stop for the last 2 months. Custom orders are so much fun and when not creating a custom I’m squeezing in a new item for the shop or taking care of the house. I have gotten quite a bit finished lately. I just listed these new things on Friday…

bunny5feltidermycu.jpg Bunny Rabbit 5 Felitdermy

bookishmouse3cu.jpg Bookish Mouse 3 Feltidermy

whitemousebrooch3cu.jpg White Mouse 3 Feltidermy Brooch

Today I finished a couple custom orders. I was so excited to do a mini photo shoot of them together up on the wall of my studio.


It was fun to see 2 large feltidermy on the wall and a great excuse to do some cleaning.

I have a new feltidermy brooch that I will be listing tomorrow morning. This one will be a beige bunny!

Also on schedule for tomorrow is the cooking of the corned beef! Yay! I love corned beef and can’t wait to smell it all afternoon.

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A Few Dear Favorites

I am working to catch up on my custom orders, for my shop, stitching as fast as my fingers can go.

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorites that I have been coveting from Etsy. All deer related!

Wood stag pendant from garnishhome.


Linen pillow cover by dearpony .


Felt bead earrings – fawn by thankyouenjoy.


thankyouenjoy has done some wonderful custom work for me lately, making mouse glasses!

bookishmouse2cu.jpg Have a great weekend!

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My new twist on Feltidermy


Mouse Feltidermy Brooches are new additions to the shop today! A brown one and a white one are available now. A gray mouse will be coming soon!

Here is what they look like on…

brownmousebroochon.jpg whitemousebroochon.jpg

I have to get back to stitching…See you soon!!

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