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Lazy Sunday morning…


The sun is finally out after a couple days of rain and all is quiet in our house. I love Sunday mornings, always have. I love to get up early and sit all morning with a cup of coffee, watch CBS Sunday morning and enjoy alone time. It’s getting to be late morning now though almost noon and this means my next favorite time of Sunday morning, brunch! I have beautiful free range eggs that I want to cook up, maybe a big cheesy omelette…Mmmm yes, probably omelette, Ooo, with the aged gouda from the farmers market.

I have not been completely lazy this morning. I finally updated my about me section of this blog, finally. I also got some more work done on a new jackalope feltidermy for my shop. This newest one will be light grey like Bitsy Bunny and Griffin Squirrel . After I finish this newest feltidermy I have a custom order to start on.

Well, I’m getting hungry so I think it’s time to wake up the Mr. and start cooking that omelette. It should be a beautiful day, we will probably take the pup out somewhere so we can walk. The poor girl has been couped up with the rain the last couple days.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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