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I’m stuffed!


I’m happy to say that my turkey was wonderful! I worry every year, the whole time the bird is roasting, that it may not be good. This was my largest bird to roast yet, with this years being a 13 pounder. It roasted up nicely, was tender, juicy and delish! I have to disagree with anyone who says organic turkeys are not as good as the ones that have been injected with chemicals and added flavors. It was a nice day, we were joined by my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. We ate and ate and ate and ate and then we ate some more! We finished off the day by watching Funny Farm and Christmas Vacation for a Chevy Chase mini marathon.

In girlsavage news, I’m so excited to be featured on the PlushYou blog today! Such an honor for me, I read it daily and am always so inspired by it. Thank you plushyou and Shmancy toys!


I added a new feltidermy to my shop today. I will be working on more to add by Monday.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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