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37 Shopping Days Until Christmas?!

Yikes! I’ve been so busy stocking up my little shop that I have almost forgotten to start my shopping! I have started buying a few small items, sorry can’t show you yet. I don’t want to spoil any Christmas day surprises!

Jackalopes 5 and 6 feltidermy are on their way to their new homes! I’m always so happy to send my creations off to a new home. To know that they will be loved by someone else is a wonderful feeling!

I have some exciting news today! I have been accepted to the 3rd Ward Holiday Sale in Brooklyn on December 8, 2007! Whoo hoo, my first real show! If you’re in the area that day, please stop by and say hi. With only 3 weeks to prepare, I’m going to be one very busy little Savage.

With only a little over a month until Christmas and less than a week until Thanksgiving it is easy to remember that winter is heading our way. However , when we had a few snow flurries yesterday it did come as a shock! Snow! It has been predicted for today here in the Hudson Valley. I’m so glad I stocked up on hot cocoa before this weekend. I also made some chocolate chip cookies yesterday, yum!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! I’m off to work on a new large Jackalope Feltidermy!

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Pictures, pictures, pictures!

If you have ever sat in on one of the shop critiques at Etsy or had to sit in the hot seat for one…There is one thing you will always hear. Pictures, pictures, pictures! You often hear Michelle yell it, last week Mary even sang it. It is one of the most important issues with selling something online, especially at Etsy. You want to make your items so beautiful and interesting that someone will click on that item to take a closer look.

Good lighting is essential in taking great photos. I thought today I might share with you how I get the photos for my shop. I made myself a lightbox a few months ago. You really don’t have to put any expense into this, I happened to have a large cardboard box, some poster board and 2 pieces of large card stock. I tipped the box on it’s side, taped the 2 side and 1 bottom flaps open and the top flap back then tape in the paper. I use this in 2 lighting set ups. When there is enough light I open the blinds and use natural light.


With any set up you will probably have to adjust your white balance on your camera. You will usually find the white balance in your cameras’ menu. Test this by changing your white balance options until your white background looks white. If your not using a white background simply put a white sheet of paper in your lightbox while you are adjusting. When the paper appears as pure white you have found the right balance setting. On my camera the best setting for natural light is the open shade setting. Here is an example of a photo of Macadamia Squirrel using my natural light set up.


There are some days when it’s just so gloomy outside that you have to use artificial light. I went to the hardware store and bought an inexpensive shop light which I have clamped to a tripod.


Whatever you end up using for a lamp, you can always adjust your white balance for the best color quality of your piece you are photographing. My light happens to use a tungsten bulb and my camera has a tungsten setting in the white balance menu. This is the example from using this set up.


My last tip today for getting a great photo of your items is to use the macro setting so you can get in nice and close to your subject. The macro setting usually looks like a tulip on your camera. It is the best way to be able to get in close to you item and get a nice focus. I don’t think I photograph anything for my shop without the macro on.

I got this shot playing around with the girlsavage plush family in my lightbox this past weekend.


Now get out there and start shooting beautiful photos!

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The Feltidermy are coming, the Feltidermy are coming!


Jackalope 2 Feltidermy was added to the shop yesterday. This one has already sold and is on it’s way to France today! I will be adding a chocolate brown version of the jackalope feltdermy very soon. There is also a custom order feltidermy in the works this week, I will show you photos of it when it is finished. In the upcoming weeks, I will be adding new deer versions of feltidermy as well as rabbits and squirrels… Be on the look out for them!

It has turned cold in this part of the world very quickly. Over the course of a few days it has gotten too cold to have windows open or go outside without a jacket. I can hardly believe that winter and the holidays are right around the corner! Only 54 shopping days until Christmas? Yikes! Which reminds me…I took the handmade pledge, did you?

I have to admit that there are a few gifts that I’m not sure we’ll be able to do handmade. I will sure try though! There are so many wonderful crafts people and artists out there, surely we can get close. It’s going to be a mostly Etsy Christmas…What we can not find on Etsy we will try to find locally.

Have a great day!

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