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Skippy Prototype at The Poets’ Walk

Last weekend we went for one of our Sunday walks. This time it was across the river to Redhook NY to the  The Poets’ Walk and Skippy Prototype came along for the walk.

Please keep your dog on a leash and remember to pick up after it.

Hey, there’s Bean and him up ahead…she’s on her leash. Wait up guys!

Look at the beautiful field of wild flowers and butterflies. Very pretty!

The path curves for quite a while, a beautiful walk the whole way.

This would be a nice spot to stop and have a snack. Skippy with have acorns!

Oh look, the Summer House is right up ahead. That’s a great place to rest and get out of the sun before heading back.

The walk back after that is just as nice. Time for a break to smell more flowers and watch some bees before leaving.

I hope you enjoyed, Skippy had a great time!

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Skippy Visits Las Vegas!

We had the chance to go to Las Vegas for the weekend for the Jersey Boys Opening. Of course Skippy Prototype got to tag along for the fun!

He had so much fun people watching. He thought the views from up on the over street walkways were the best.

There is so much shopping in that town! Skippy really enjoyed the Caesars Forum Shops.

In the Forum shops he ran into the Trojan Horse of FAO Schwartz. Skippy told him that he should buy handmade toys, of course.

He thought the cranes in the Bellagio Botanical Garden had a pretty good life. All of the beauty of the outdoors, under glass!

There are not many trees in Vegas. Skippy thought the Eiffel Tower at Paris looked like a good place to climb and stash some nuts.

He realized that you can’t go anywhere in Vegas without passing at least one set of slot machines. He really wanted to play! Skippy was very disappointed to find out that not only was he not old enough, at just 1 year old, but slot machines don’t take acorns.

After all of the excitement of a wild weekend in Vegas, Skippy was very glad to go back home. Besides it was his first trip on a plane. Not many squirrels get to see the world from above the trees!

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Skippy on a Walk Through Town

Yesterday we decided to take a walk around part of our town. Well, first of all we had to get Skippy to leave his friend to come walk with us. They seemed to be having quite the discussion on current events. We eventually got him away and on a walk through the Stockade District.


He found a couple of trees there that had great views of the old stone buildings. He decided to hang out in this one for a while and have a snack.


There are so many wonderful buildings around town…Most of them dating back to the 1700’s.


Skippy really loved the front door on this one and how it was all decorated for fall.


We decided from there to walk up past the old Dutch Church where they have the most amazing grave yard. He was especially fond of this grave from 1746 with the skull and cross bones carved into it. The carving and the date were all that he could understand on it, since this squirrel does not speak Dutch.


After all of the sites Skippy was quite tired and chilled too. It has been getting colder and colder here in Upstate, NY. He asked for a ride in my jacket pocket back to the car. He couldn’t wait to get home and tell all of his friends where he had gotten to go.


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and get out and enjoy something in your neighborhood.

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Skippy and a Walk in the Woods


Yesterday we went out for a drive around edge of Catskill Mountain Park and of course Skippy Prototype had to go with. All of the trees are so beautiful right now with every color of fall. We found a little path off of the road to go walking on.


There were so many places along the path to take in all of the beauty. Skippy got down in the fallen leaves so that he could smell them all. The sent of maple, oak and sycamore mixed together is such a wonderful thing.


He loved the look of this hill, all of the leaves making a perfect carpet, so nice and crunchy beneath your feet.


He thought that this log was a perfect place to take in the views.

Skippy was soon very tired and asked for a shoulder ride back to the car.


This was quite a big adventure for a little squirrel, after all Skippy is a house squirrel.  He was so excited to come home and tell all of the others what fun he had.

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