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P.Nut’s First Adventure!

Friday afternoon when P.Nut and Chippy Prototype heard we were going to Ribfest, they decided it would be great for her first outing.


P.Nut ran and snuggled into my purse and said she was ready for action!


While waiting on the platform, she got very excited for her first ‘L’ ride!


P.Nut thought it was pretty neat that she was the only squirrel on the ‘L’.


The festival was very crowded and everyone was drinking beer. P.Nut was glad that we thought to bring a bottle of water.


Watching all of the ribs getting grilled was fun! P.Nut didn’t eat any of them, she is a vegetarian, but she thought the cheese fries were great!


She really enjoyed seeing a couple bands that she has listened to in the office at home. The Harlem Shakes were fun, but she liked Office the best!

After all of that, it was time to head back home. She couldn’t wait to tell Chippy all about it. P.Nut had so much excitement that she fell asleep on the way home. Telling her adventure would have to wait until morning.


Saturday morning when I got up, I found her in the dining room with Chippy Prototype and Iris. She was having so much fun telling them all about her evening out.

P.Nut can hardly wait for her next adventure! She read something about
Andersonville Midsommarfest in one of the papers, that might be fun…

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The new Little Squirrel has a Name!

The new little squirrel has had quite a week. First of all we decided that she is definitely a girl, she’s just too cute not to be! She has had lots of meetings with Chippy about what being the squirrel  about town will involve. She has also spent time meeting all the other plush and feltidermy.


Here she is with the newest feltidermy,  the Medium Eight Point Buck Feltidermy.

We would all like to thank everyone for  submitting their ideas for her name! There was one that stood out to us as soon as we saw it. Thank you to Jessica of  PlushroomSoup, she gave the suggestion of the name P.Nut and is our winner! The name P.Nut really couldn’t be more fitting for this little squirrel!

Thanks again and please stop by tomorrow to see P.Nut’s first adventure to Chicago Ribfest!

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Last Post Before Moving!

We pack up the truck tomorrow for the move to Chicago! So, this will be my last post from NY. Our internet will be disconnected tomorrow morning and we won’t get it back until Thursday…cause for a slight panic attack there. lol.  I’ll be able to check e-mails and my etsy shop from the Mr’s iPhone, so that will help.

Also just to let you know…tomorrow will be my last day to ship any items until the end of the week

A nice little, Etsy style, going away gift  today…Acorn the Tiny Squirrel Plush was on the front page of Etsy for a little while !

I will be back for a blog post at the end of the week, from Chicago!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

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Chippy Prototype at Oktoberfest

Last weekend we went up to Hunter Mountain for Oktoberfest with a couple friends. Chippy went along for the fun!

There were lots of people there!

And a band up in front of the lodge. Are they really playing “Sweet Home Alabama” ? This is Oktoberfest in upstate NY, right?

I was too scared of heights, but my husband and our friend The Filmonista took Chippy up on the ski lift to enjoy the view.

Chippy don’t jump, we’re too high up!

Much cozier to be safe in her scarf!

It was getting late in the day, time to get back down to the ground.

Chippy thought they should go to the beer tent after braving the ski lift. Time to take this little squirrel home!

Would you like your own little squirrel to take out on adventures? You can now find this little guy, Acorn the Tiny Squirrel Plush in my shop!

Thanks for stopping by!

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I’m a bad, bad blogger…

Go ahead smack my hand, I know. I have been a major slacker on the blogging front.

I would like to thank everyone for all of the well wishes! I got so many very sweet messages, thank you so much. I am feeling so much better after 3 weeks of medication. One more week to go! The pain is all gone and my energy levels are almost back to normal.

Between my being sick and our trying to move to Chicago, we really have been busy around here. We are starting to get a solid wall of boxes in the living room. Hopefully we will soon have a place to move them too. Yes, the apartment hunt is still on… We did delay it for a week or so when I first got ill , since we didn’t know for sure how soon I would be able to move. Now it is all back on, we just need an apartment and a move date. haha!

I added a new feltidermy to the shop this week that is a little bit different. It is a squirrel, but this one was made from recycled leather.

Leather Squirrel Feltidermy

My mom worked at a furniture store years ago and used to bring home the discarded upholstery samples. The leather for this squirrel came from one of those samples. I did it mostly to see if I could actually hand stitch through leather. It was not as easy as wool felt, but hand stitching did work.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Back in Action

I know it’s been a little over a week since my last post. I’ve been on the mend… Last Saturday after my last post here we went to visit some friends. While we were out to lunch with them I started to get a terrible headache that didn’t want to go away. By the time we returned home I noticed that a bite I had on my side had developed a bullseye mark around it. My husband said it was a sure sign of Lyme Disease. The joint pain and headache got worse and worse over the day on Sunday. By Monday morning I was at the doctor being diagnosed with Lyme disease and getting on antibiotics. I spent a lovely, not really, three days in bed…not able to do anything but sleep. After a week of treatment my pain is pretty much all gone and my energy is returning.

I’m so happy that we caught it in time so that I will have no long term damage and that my body is responding well to the antibiotics! I’m also so glad to be able to get back to my work. It was awful not even being able to sit up and stitch for those few days!

So I’m back in action stitching and getting projects finished again. I finished this little squirrel for a custom order yesterday.

Later today I should have a new squirrel feltidermy finished for the shop. Tomorrow I should have unicorn feltidermy ready too!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Custom Goody Plush

As you probably know by now, I love making custom items! The ones based on peoples pets are especially fun for me. This latest one was so much fun that I had to share him with you. His name is Goody, a beautiful mix of half boxer and half american staffordshire terrier. Goodys’ owner contacted me through my shop and asked me to make a custom plush of him. I had so much fun studying photos of him from her flickr pages! With the help of the photos I was able to build a pattern of him straight from his photos.

This Goody plush is being sent on his way to live with the real Goody today!

My plans for today include: another custom item and getting the house clean before my husbands birthday weekend. The custom I will be finishing today is an American red squirrel Feltidermy… Too fun!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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A Little Like Credit Card Commercial…

Traffic and parking to Yankee Stadium… A mess

Bleacher seats… crowded, hot and sticky

My nephew getting to see his favorite player hit a home run… Priceless!

We had a great time at the game! I had never been to a real ball game before either, so it was really fun to see it with them.

Now back to real life again…

I added a couple 1″ button sets to the shop today. There are 2 to choose from:

First is Girlsavage Plush Button Set which includes 3 buttons of plush critters packaged in a black velvet pouch. This set includes Chippy Squirrel, Bunny Blue and Spotti Fawn.

The next is Girlsavage Plush Button Set 2 which features four other plush set against a white background. This one includes a loch ness monster and a unicorn in the set. This set also comes in a black velvet pouch.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Skippy Prototype at The Poets’ Walk

Last weekend we went for one of our Sunday walks. This time it was across the river to Redhook NY to the  The Poets’ Walk and Skippy Prototype came along for the walk.

Please keep your dog on a leash and remember to pick up after it.

Hey, there’s Bean and him up ahead…she’s on her leash. Wait up guys!

Look at the beautiful field of wild flowers and butterflies. Very pretty!

The path curves for quite a while, a beautiful walk the whole way.

This would be a nice spot to stop and have a snack. Skippy with have acorns!

Oh look, the Summer House is right up ahead. That’s a great place to rest and get out of the sun before heading back.

The walk back after that is just as nice. Time for a break to smell more flowers and watch some bees before leaving.

I hope you enjoyed, Skippy had a great time!

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More New Stuff and a Really Good Movie

I know not a really exciting title, but that is what’s been happening on this week around here. So, yay for new stuff!

I have added a couple new feltidermy pieces to the shop this week.

Bunny Rabbit 12 Feltidermy

and a Large Loch Ness Monster Feltidermy Here you can see it with the smaller size that I have previously made.

I also added a couple new plush…A Large Loch Ness Monster This one is 12 inches long!

And today I added A Berry Sweet Plush of a Squirrel

There is one more new one this week that will be listed tomorrow. I’m leaving him for a surprise, but he is from a brand new pattern.

Now for the good movie…Well, I’m not sure good is enough, it was great! We went to the theater last night to see Wall-E. It was just so wonderful that I can’t get over it. Way to go Disney~Pixar!

Of course if you know me, you know that I’m a huge fan of animated movies. This one really stands out as the best I’ve seen! It was amazing how real this little animated robot is. I almost forgot he was animated a few times! They did an awesome job of giving him such a cute personality without making it sappy. It was nice to see an animated feature that didn’t have tons of pop culture references and annoying, all action scenes that makes you dizzy. And Eve, or Eva as Wall-E pronounces her name, is one of the most beautiful robots ever. I highly recommend seeing this one, for kids and adults, it really is sweet and wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to be back tomorrow with my new plush and a new Skippy adventure too! If you need a way to beat the heat this summer, go see Wall-E!

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