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my fabric finds

Here it is… My first post! I’ve had this set up for a few months, but haven’t done anything with it. Not sure why, just procrastination I guess.

It is a lovely day here in the Hudson Valley! A prefect day to me… 63 degrees, sunny and a nice breeze. Just took the puppy out for a walk and put out a pitcher of sun tea to brew. I’m trying to decide what to make for dinner, grilled turkey salads? Perhaps, maybe.

I’m also getting ready to take pictures so that I can finally get my etsy shop up and going. I just have to figure out where to set everything up to take them. I like to use natural sunlight if possible, so I guess by the front windows.

We went on a drive a couple weekends ago and happened upon a great yard sale. Best yard sales for a crafter to find? One put on by a crafter of course! The woman is a seamstress and once she found out that I was interested in fabrics she brought some out she had stashed away. A whole bag full of gorgeous English wools!! I got a few yards of this very cute grey wool with a very small black pattern woven in.

I also got a couple yards of this, I think it’s a Harris plaid wool?

I’m not really sure, but it will make very nice pillows for my parents living room for fall and a very smart looking bag as well. I also got about a yard of this upholstery grade wool, not sure what it’s for yet, but I couldn’t pass it up.

And finally this funky sheer that came in another bag with the green wool.

It’s just totally cool! I have no idea what it’s for either, but it’s so funky fresh! I got the whole lot, probably about 9-10 yards of fabric for $6! Could you pass that up? Well, I sure couldn’t!

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