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(Edited to add)
*I’m now a mom to a beautiful and sweet little boy! So yes, much of the blog will probably be about mom stuff since that what I do 24 hours a day now.*

Hi, I’m Kate! We have recently moved to Chicago, IL from Upstate New York where my husband was attending grad school. We are so happy to be back in the mid-west where we were both born and raised. I live with my husband where we share our home with our 2 cats and a terrier mutt. I enjoy making stuffed animals that I hand stitch from felt. I also created the term feltidermy for my mounted faux taxidermy pieces.

I’m a tall, sassy redhead who loves to have fun and enjoy life. I have many hobbies such as baking, cooking, hand sewing and collecting. I have collections of hand thrown pottery, vintage ceramic animal miniatures, vintage animal salt and peppers and vintage mystery novels and juice glasses. I love searching out vintage shops for new curiosities and inspiration. I’m also obsessed with nice soaps, an addiction that I acquired from my mom.

The inspiration for my creations come from old cartoons, nature, folk tales, my vintage ceramic miniatures and my crazy imagination. I can’t help but create things and if they turn out to be cute, well, all the better! I never seem to really have idle hands, even when watching movies or visiting with friends or family, I am usually stitching up my next critter.

Please come visit me at my etsy shop


and on flicker too!


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  1. 1

    catslye said,

    your little creatures are so very lovely…I’ve added you to my blogroll on my sewing blog, She’s Sew Slye. 🙂


  2. 2

    Kait said,

    Hi Kate,

    I’m in love with your feltidermy. Are you going to be selling them on the website again in the near future?


  3. 3

    Barney Gargle said,

    What about a “Basselope” – like Rosebud from the old Outland comics. Have Bassethound half antelope.

  4. 4

    SCArtChic said,

    I love, love, love, love, love your critters! 🙂 I can’t wait until I have a little extra moolah to buy one of my very own!

  5. 5

    Irina said,

    Hi Kate,

    I´d love to present your Jackalope Feltidermy (gorgeous!!) in my shop in Hamburg, Germany. Please contact me to talk about details. Many thanks!

    Cheers, Irina

  6. 6

    Candace said,

    hey there,

    We’re writing small piece about your felitdermy for our online vegan lifestyle magazine, aduki (aduki.net.au/aduki-online)
    I would love to do a short interview with anything else you’d like to add. My email is candace(at)aduki.net.au

  7. 8

    hookitup said,

    All your little animals are so adorable!! Feltidermy – what a creative idea!! I love it. I’ve added you to my blogroll, and hearted your etsy shop 🙂

  8. 9

    terakki said,

    Excuse me;

    I wanna link exchange with you,If you accept it,you can return me.
    My Site’s PageRank is 3 and My site data is “Terakki Network” ve http://www.terakki.wordpress.com .I am delighted to send your link.

    Best regards.

  9. 11

    sejal shah said,

    I Really want to purchase a ferret stuffed animal from you.
    can you email me with more info.
    i live in boston.

  10. 12

    Rachael said,

    Love It Love It Love It

    I have added you to our blog roll

    I would love to feature you on our blog – is that ok! just didn’t want to take images without asking first….


  11. 13

    louise said,

    Hi there. We’d love to profile you for frankie magazine. We love your feltidermy. Please send me an email louise@frankie.com.au


  12. 15

    Oscilloscope said,

    stuffed animals are very cute and lovely, i bet that most kids and even women loves them “”:

  13. 16

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  15. 18

    Dean said,

    do you still sell your feltidermy jackalopes? i tried your etsy shop and it does not seem to “open” (not working).

  16. 19

    Kate C said,

    Hi Kate! I’m wondering if you still do the faux taxidermy projects? I love them! Thanks

  17. 20

    Hi! I am hoping you are the same girlsavage who made the feltidermies. We have one in front of each of the rooms at our office. Recently, we made a video because we are working to raise money to build a building and you can see your work in it so I thought you might enjoy seeing it. The kids love your work! Thanks!

  18. 21

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