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Yay, my new mini moo cards arrived yesterday!


I’m so happy with how this batch came out! They also sent a sample pack of the moo stickers. Now that I have seen them I’m going to have to order a book of them as well.

I’m getting ready to bake some chocolate chip cookies this morning. I have a dark chocolate bar to chop up for them and some sliced almonds to throw in as well. Maybe I’ll have some pics of them tomorrow.

We are off later today to visit some friends and their sweet baby boy . We have all been so busy in the last year that we haven’t had a chance to get together. The baby is already about 7 months old! I need to see this baby before he’s old enough drive!

Have a great Saturday!

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Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you are all having a super sweet day! My day has been good so far…

I got my custom buttons in the mail from kittycrossbones ! They are so great, I couldn’t be happier!


I also had a package from Pink Quartz Minerals come today, I love her makeup! All vegan mineral makeup and she always throws in free samples too! Now what girl wouldn’t love that! I also have to say that she is one of the sweetest Etsians I have had the pleasure of talking to.

And how could I not love this? I woke up to the cutest little painting from my Mr. this morning!

myvalentine.jpg Happy Valentines to you too!

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My new twist on Feltidermy


Mouse Feltidermy Brooches are new additions to the shop today! A brown one and a white one are available now. A gray mouse will be coming soon!

Here is what they look like on…

brownmousebroochon.jpg whitemousebroochon.jpg

I have to get back to stitching…See you soon!!

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A Super end to a Super week

This week has been so crazy, busy and super all at once! It all really started on Wednesday when I got a message that my feltidermy were being featured on Cute Overload! Wow, what an honor!


You can find the feature here. Since then I have been busy making a list for custom orders, sending out packages, stitching creations and returning messages. While working on custom orders I will be trying to put more items back in my shop. I’m stitching as fast as my fingers can go! I am so glad and thankful for the wonderful responses from so many people! Thank you!

Now, how will I treat myself after this crazy week? Well first of all today I am going to have fun and eat all kinds of junk food while watching the Super Bowl with a couple friends today. Go Giants? O.K. I have to admit, I watch for the commercials and the excuse for eating all the junk food.

Next, well I have already purchased myself a pair of earrings from Stamp. This pair to be exact…


Beautiful, aren’t they? I have been coveting them since I opened my shop last summer and finally decided to treat myself. I can’t wait! Please check out her shop for her amazingly understated metal work that make for gorgeous pieces of jewelry!

Most of you know of my soap addiction, thanks mom. I can’t wait to relax with some new soaps from Daisy Cakes Soap! I absolutely love her natural cold press soaps, they leave my skin so soft. Check out this awesome glycerin yarn soap… perfect for any one with a love of soap and crafting.


Please, go to her for your next soap purchase, you will not be disappointed!

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by!

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