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Coco is on the front page!

Of Etsy that is!


You can find Coco in my shop with lots of other cuties waiting for new homes.

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Doe a deer…

We had a couple of visits form the deer this past weekend! On Saturday evening Momma came around with the triplets to eat. We were so happy to see them all doing so well.


One little guy managed to stay out of range the whole time.  Sunday evening we had a visit from our whole herd, so exciting! Momma and her babies were back with the 2 older females, they are about 2 years old, and the young buck too.


I tried to get pictures of them all.  This was the best picture I could get of the buck, slightly blurry…


His rack is coming in nicely! Kind of funny the best pic. I could get as blurry like that. It looks like the Nice Rack t-shirt I got the Mr. for his birthday.


Here he is wearing it in the bowling alley Saturday night . I got it from the guys over at Mixed Species. They have so many great items and the description pics alone are worth a visit to their shop. They were also my first custom order customers! They just purchased a forest green jackalope from my shop this week! Thanks guys!

Here is the newest addition to my shop! Her name is Scully Squirrel, too me she looks more and more like Amy Winehouse everyday. What do you think?


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New! Pinup girls and Jackalopes!

Well, what else would you expect to find in my shop?

I have enjoyed making cards for just about any occasion for years. Now I have started bring them to you! The first 2 are part of my pinup girl section. The first Nice Gams was added yesterday, the next will be added this morning.


New to the Feltidermy! A jackalope of course!


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy Friday!

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Not to sound like a commercial, but…

Tolls out to Cape Cod and back…$10.40

Cruddy hotel room on the Cape…$120.00

Beach fees…$15.00

Seeing our puppy on the beach for the first time…



In girlsavage news : I added another feltidermy to my shop yesterday !

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Feltidermy has arrived to girlsavage!

Feltidermy is finally here and up in my shop! Here is the first one of many that will be available at girlsavage.


More will be available very soon, so stay tuned!

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New shelf for the Stuffies!

We went out to local flea markets and barn sales yesterday. It was such a nice day to get out and drive around the Hudson Valley! We found a great barn sale in Stone Ridge with the perfect shelf.


It is now the perfect temporary home for the stuffies from my etsy shop! They look great on their temprary home, but wish to go to new homes soon!

The prototype is finished and has had votes for more. Soon there will be 2 available in my shop. Sorry I can’t show it to you now, patience, you will see it very soon!

Hope fully a new camera will be in my hands very soon. The old Sony just isn’t cutting it anymore. We’ve been doing so much research…Tonight we are going to go check out the favorites from the research! Yay! New camera means new photos of new stuff for girlsavage!

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A couple of my collections

There is a thread over on etsy etc. forums today about collections. I though since I just took these photos of 2 of my collections last week, that today would be a good day to post them. I have a few collections, vintage animals ceramics, vintage animal salt & peppers and juice glasses. Last week I took a few pics of my juice glass collection and my S&P’s. This is my juice glass collection…juiceglasses.jpg

I got the cute shelf for it at Aunt Katie’s Attic in Scotia, NY. I think it was like $12.00 for the shelf. I love it it reminds me of one my grandma had when I was little. Two of my animals S&P’s are on that shelf, one of my newest pairs. Squirrels! I have the rest of my S&P collection on the shelf above my stove.

animalsps.jpg deersps.jpg

If anyone ever needs a gift idea for me…heehee! I would love to add to my collection! I would also love another one of those shelves!

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend! Do something fun!

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An adventure for Skippy

I would first of all like to introduce you to Skippy. skippyrock.jpg

His full name is Skippy Prototype, but we don’t tell him what that means. Yes, he was the first ever squirrel to be with us, the first of many. For this reason he will stay with me forever! 🙂

Skippy loves to go out on adventures. Over the past weekend he went down to our local park for a stroll. He was so happy to get to see some of the sculptures that are scattered throughout town.


He’s hoping soon to get to go around town to visit more of them. He likes the idea of a weekend getaway, some small little rustic place were he can go on the weekends. This place looked pretty good to him. Nice neighborhood, close to uptown and shops, but still quiet…


On his way home he decided to stop by the park zoo. He knows Seneca, the white fawn, has an Aunt that lives there. It was nice to stop by and visit he for a little while. She so nice and has all the scoop on all the animals around town.


After such a long afternoon in the park Skippy decided he should head home. It was going to be so much fun to tell Chippy and everyone else at home what happened.

He has already started planning his next outing. Stay tuned for more of his adventures! 🙂

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