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Name Chippy Protype’s new Assistant and Win!

chippyWNewSquirrel2Recently Chippy decided to go into semi-retirement. He will keep up his Twitter page and probably have more time for it once his retirement starts. You see he was made as a prototype out of acrylic felt over 2 years ago and has been on many adventures, including a trip to Las Vegas, since then. All of the traveling in purses, carry-ons and pockets has taken it’s toll on poor Chippy.

So today we are introducing his new little assistant! From now on this little squirrel will be going out as the squirrel about town for girlsavage and this blog. This little one is smaller and stitched entirely out of wool. We do need help from you, you see the little squirrel doesn’t even have a name yet. We thought it would be fun to let you all pick the new name!


Please leave your suggestion for a name in the comments. The person who submits the name that we pick will win a Petal Bunny pocket mirror, like the one shown above. The name will be chosen and winner announced this Saturday !

Chippy and the new little one would like to thank you in advance for your help!

chippyWNewSquirrelThank you!

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Chippy Prototype at Oktoberfest

Last weekend we went up to Hunter Mountain for Oktoberfest with a couple friends. Chippy went along for the fun!

There were lots of people there!

And a band up in front of the lodge. Are they really playing “Sweet Home Alabama” ? This is Oktoberfest in upstate NY, right?

I was too scared of heights, but my husband and our friend The Filmonista took Chippy up on the ski lift to enjoy the view.

Chippy don’t jump, we’re too high up!

Much cozier to be safe in her scarf!

It was getting late in the day, time to get back down to the ground.

Chippy thought they should go to the beer tent after braving the ski lift. Time to take this little squirrel home!

Would you like your own little squirrel to take out on adventures? You can now find this little guy, Acorn the Tiny Squirrel Plush in my shop!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Skippy Prototype Went Apple Picking

O.K. so we went apple picking this weekend and Skippy got to go with. New York is having it’s best apple season in a very long time this year. We decided to go and pick some for ourselves and see what the best apple season looked like…Skippy went along for the adventure.


It was a beautiful day and lots of apple were picked and they are really tasty this year. I have already made apple sauce and muffins, next I think a pie needs to be made…Mmmm…maybe apple butter too.

If you like the looks of Skippy on his adventure, you can find his brother Chippy in my shop, along with a few other squirrels. They would all love someone to give them a home and take them on adventures.

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An adventure for Skippy

I would first of all like to introduce you to Skippy. skippyrock.jpg

His full name is Skippy Prototype, but we don’t tell him what that means. Yes, he was the first ever squirrel to be with us, the first of many. For this reason he will stay with me forever! 🙂

Skippy loves to go out on adventures. Over the past weekend he went down to our local park for a stroll. He was so happy to get to see some of the sculptures that are scattered throughout town.


He’s hoping soon to get to go around town to visit more of them. He likes the idea of a weekend getaway, some small little rustic place were he can go on the weekends. This place looked pretty good to him. Nice neighborhood, close to uptown and shops, but still quiet…


On his way home he decided to stop by the park zoo. He knows Seneca, the white fawn, has an Aunt that lives there. It was nice to stop by and visit he for a little while. She so nice and has all the scoop on all the animals around town.


After such a long afternoon in the park Skippy decided he should head home. It was going to be so much fun to tell Chippy and everyone else at home what happened.

He has already started planning his next outing. Stay tuned for more of his adventures! 🙂

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