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Baby, it’s cold outside!

11 degrees F here right now, with a high of 33 today! Yikes, winter is definitely here. I don’t want to go out, but have to for just a bit today.


Jackalope 11 Feltidermy was added to my shop yesterday. This one has the whitewashed plaque that I have done for a few custom orders. I love this one and am temped to keep it for myself.

I’m working on a teeny tiny squirrel! Lets just see how small I can make these guys… It’s very good for my OCD. 😀

Stay warm!

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Only 10 Days Until Christmas!?

Really? I’ve been so busy that this didn’t occur to until yesterday! I think that I am almost done with all of the custom orders for Christmas. Although there is still a little time left for anyone that does want any custom items. I have decided not to close up the shop for the holidays even though I will be out of town. Yes, I’ve decided to take everything with me. Supplies to make anything new I may feel like making, items in my shop, the laptop and camera are all coming with to Illinois for the holidays!

I thought I might answer just a couple questions from the last post here…

1.Rachel asked: Is that a little button on the top of the wrapped package? If so, that’s a very cute idea.

A. Yes it is! I ordered them from kittycrossbones on etsy. She was great to work with!

2. Carey said: I know this is unrelated, but did I spot a little deer of yours in the Dec. ME Home Companion magazine?!! I think I did! Congrats!!!

A. Oh my Gosh! Yes you did! I had to go look it up as soon as I got that message. Last night we ran out to buy the magazine. It is slightly disappointing because it makes no mention of girlsavage . It is used in relation to getcrafty where I sometimes blog and always at least read the forums…I am still so very excited to see an image of one of my animals in a national magazine!


Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! I also had to buy a copy for my mom.

Remember while getting ready for the holidays…Take time to enjoy some of the fun stuff this season! Put on your favorite Christmas music or movies, make some hot cocoa for some fun wrapping gifts, bake cookies with friends or family, if you have snow…go out and play in it! We have 8 inches and puppy loves snow, so we will be doing lots of the playing in snow stuff!


Have a great weekend!

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Presentation and Packaging

With the idea of send your wares out to customers it really makes you think about their presentation. I like to start at the bottom and work my way up when sending out a girlsavage package. First there are the hang tags…


Mine were designed by Mr. girlsavage, who also designed my logo, avatar and banner. Yes, I am luck enough to be married to a graphic designer/ web designer. If you are not lucky enough to have a friend who can help you with design or you don’t know how to do these things on your own, there are many people who can meet your needs. There are many on Etsy that provide these kinds of services. I also recommend getting creative and making your own. Some of the greatest packages I have received in the mail had handmade tags and recycled packaging.

Lately I have gotten into wrapping up my items like gifts. It gives that one extra special touch. It’s always fun to open a package that has arrived in the mail , then to find it inside all wrapped sweetly is an extra surprise! Here is one of my ornaments all wrapped up and ready to go into it’s padded mailer.


It’s also nice to include a thank you note. For the holidays I have made up these flat notes from the fun holiday shoot I had with the plush. I had the Mr. help me lay them out for printing and I print them myself on our computer.


Now, last but certainly not least, do not forget to include your card. Just one is plenty, most people will throw away extras or get annoyed when you send cards from other people. Do include you own though. I had mine done at Moo Cards and LOVE them!


I hope I could give you a little inspiration in creating your own packaging. Have fun with it and have a great day!

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My poor neglected little blog!

I’m so sorry little blog of mine for the neglect I have shown you this week. I have been so busy…Well, why don’t I just show you how busy…

I finished this little guy , he has a new owner now..


and I started making these…

bunnyornament1tcu.jpg squirrel1ornamenttcu.jpg

I also had some custom orders to work on this week…

custombuckfeltidermycu.jpg goldie2customcu.jpg bluejackfeltcu.jpg

They are all on their way to new homes now…

And finally I was able to finish this guy for the shop.


Isn’t he cute?

And finally today I wanted to tell you about the other Etsians that I met at the show last week.

There was Lefthand Originals, they have great jewelry! I love the Paris Eiffel Tower necklace!

UrbanGipsy was there with wonderful art from ACEOs to cloth dolls! She is so fun and wonderful!

CharlieandSarah were there with their brilliant British Flashcard silkscreen designs!

I also met MamaRobot who was there with her handmade cards, prints and apparel. Cute designs from one of the sweetest people!

1Girl1Boy was there with the coolest hand-dyed and block printed kids t-shirts!

Clemintine was there with her absolutely gorgeous jewelry!

And last, but certainly not least, was the lovely Lola of The Lola Collection. I covet her Fickle Finch Necklace.

I’m so please to say that we are almost finished with our Christmas shopping! Thanks to Etsy and it’s wonderful shops! We’re completely shocked to wake up to our first snowfall of the season today! The puppy will be happy, she loves snow!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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