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Some inspiration from the back yard…

If you have seen my etsy shop you have seen the many deer I make. Here is where I get the inspiration …

mama doeyoung buck

These two came to visit our back yard the other night. Momma doe has 3 babies that I am still hoping to get pictures of. She came around during our dinner time to have her own dinner.  I am so happy to see the young buck around this year! He has grown so much since we saw him last year. Just look at those antlers! I happened upon him having his dinner when I went out to get laundry off of the clothes line that same night.

Stay tuned for the upcoming adventures of Skippy Squirrel! Coming soon, right here!

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Yup, It’s my birthday! The 34th, woohoo! I love my 30’s and I still love birthdays. Today I plan to party like a 3 year old! That means dancing around and singing like I don’t care who can see me!

I entered the Etsy poster challenge yesterday with my 1st treasury. I was very upset when doing the poster sketch because the link to one of the items was gone. The admins. said to substitute another piece that would work in there, luckily I found the perfect piece to use. My title was She’s lovely, to bad she looks so lonely… I think it turned out pretty nice for my 1st try at a treasury.


Hey, look at that I took a screen shot, sized it and everything! I’m getting good here! haha! I just love the sampling of some of the wonderful illustrators on etsy. There are so many of them with the one talent I wish I had. When I have enough money in my account for there I plan on starting to buy a few pieces, one at a time. I want to have them up in the studio I plan to have one day. My girly, girl studio room is going to be lovely, when I have a house with the extra room to put it in…

So, I will end todays update with Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Oh yeah…the stuffies in my shop are all on sale through the weekend! $5.00 off each one! Have a great weekend and a very merry un-birthday to you!

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New cuteness

There is already so much cuteness around here in girlsavage land. This week we have the arrival of 2 new cutenesses! Seneca the white Fawn can be found at the etsy shop , she can’t wait to go to a new home. razorseneca.jpg

I also finally got my new phone! Doesn’t it look cute being shown off by Seneca? She is doing her best Vanna impersonation.

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dramatic chipmunk

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