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Cures for questionable cravings

If you have ever been to Carbondale, IL for a weekend, you can surely understand my 1st craving! We lived in the Carbondale area for about 6 years in the 90’s. He was going to school at SIU and working at the SIU Library, while I was getting my creative kicks as a stylist at Hair Brains! One thing you could always count on after a night out with friends was Winston the Bagel Man! It was just a simple cart with a grill, umbrella and a case for all of the fixings…but one of his amazing bagels for your walk home was always a must.

Today I had a craving for one of those bagels! It was a little silly to think of traveling 6 hours for one, so I recreated our favorites in the kitchen for lunch! All that was needed was our cast iron stove top grill pan, bagels and various toppings. I heated up the grill pan, cut our bagels in 1/2 and cooked them until toasty brown on the cut side. Next comes the fun part, topping with whatever you crave! For each one I started with a nice smear of cream cheese on each 1/2. The rest of your toppings are only limited by your imagination.

hisBagelOpen1 His was a poppysead bagel topped with;

Apple slices, red onion, sunflower seeds and spinach!


myBagelOpenMy whole grain bagel was topped with my favorites;

Apple slices, bacon bits & sunflower seeds!


You may be questioning these combinations, but trust me and try it for yourself!

My other craving came over the weekend. It was started by my little family of Peas & Pods, the little needle and wet felted questionable DNA from Strangeland made by KitLane!

peas&podsThey are normally very quiet, spending their time looking down on their kingdom, otherwise known as our dining room. This weekend I notice them chanting something from the top shelf of the buffet… “Weee, weee, more wee!” I assumed that this was a craving for more family. After a chat with Kit over the weekend, I was happy to announce to them that “more weee” was coming in the form of the amazing Eye-pod!


The Peas & Pods are very pleased and cannot wait for the arrival of their new family member! They are excited to have a new member of the family and talk of him as “The w-eye-s one”.

So there you have it 2 very different cravings solved! Although the second will not be completely solved until The Eye-pod has joined the family. For now though the chanting has stopped and they are all humming with delight! If you have a craving for the strange and wonderful, I highly recommend a trip over to KitLane‘s Etsy shop!

Why not let me know what you’ve been craving! I always try to help as best I can with new foodie ideas and of course plush and Feltidermy!

Thanks for stopping by!

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One of Nature’s Best Pods

Wednesday evening we walked to Andersonville for the last Farmer’s Market of the season. We were stopped in our tracks when we came upon the booth with chestnuts in their pods!


I had never seen them in their pods before and just had to have a basket of them to bring home! For now I’m just going to leave them as is for a wonderful addition to the fall gourds and mini pumpkins. I love pods, but these may be my new favorites!


For what is new at girlsavage, please stop by the shop. There are new Feltidermy,  miniature/wearables and later today I will have 3 new Feltidermy hair clips!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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