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I’ve been tagged!

I feel like one of the cool kids now! I’ve been tagged by Katie at Pink Cherry Kitty.

I tell you 6 things about me, tag 6 more people, and they tell you 6 tid-bits about themselves .

Six things about me:

1. I have on the t.v. from the time I get up until I go to sleep. I think it’s from growing up in a large family. I need constant background noise. I love BBC America and Boom Cartoon Network, one of those is on at all times, if not, there is a documentary on.

2. I have 5 brother’s and sister’s! Three older brother and 2 younger sisters, all but the youngest are married. All of my siblings, but the youngest and I, have children. That mean that I have nine nieces and nephews! See, large family…

3. I love nice linens and soaps, obsessions I have inherited from my mother. Thanks mom!

4. I have a collection of vintage ceramic animals. Like the bird and little deer tucked in here with the plush. I guess I’m kind of obsessed with cuteness!


5. I am analog when ever it is possible. I would rather write out a note or receipt rather than type and print it.

6. I love my red hair, freckles and fair skin! I would rather have more freckles than a tan any day. I used to hate my hair when I was younger, now I love it!

There you go, 6 things about me!

I’m tagging:

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Meet Violet!

First of all today I want to introduce you to Violet. She is the newest squirrel in my shop.


She truly is cute and cartoonish. I just love that face!

Did you go to my shop? Did you notice the new banner the Mr. made for me last night? I woke up to find it waiting for me on the desktop this morning. Talk about waking to cuteness, I couldn’t wait to upload it onto the shop!’

I think it’s going to be hot here again today…Yuck! It’s almost October, I want cool breezes and leaves falling. O.k. well, we have leaves falling, but 90 degrees? It’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow so maybe that will cool things off. I wish there were a way to just have spring and fall! I could live with out the heat of summer and the cold of winter…

I wanted to share more great stuff from another great Etsian. I ordered these from Riotsqurrl, aren’t they great?


Zombuki Pullips are the creation of Brigitte of Riotsqurrl. They are heavily customized Pullip dolls, half zombie half kabuki. I just love not only how she customizes the dolls, but the photos she takes of them. I love looking at these mini fashion photo shoots, too much cuteness to handle. She has me wanting my own Pullip doll! You can also visit her blog.

I have a critique with some of the Etsy admin. tomorrow afternoon! You can find out about the critiques here in the Storque. I’m so happy to get the opportunity to do this! I’m so nervous too!

I must now be off to do the workings of a housewife. The house has been neglected this week, with the creation of Violet and my Etsy addiction. I have to start setting time limits on forum time… Hi, my name is Kate. I’m an Etsy addict!

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Yes, again…and some new cuteness too!

Yes, Tuesday I came home to find Fern the Jackalope on the front page! She looked so cute in the collection of items she appeared with.

There are now 4 jackalopes in my shop. Please, stop by and see them!

I wanted to start telling you about some of the wonderful items I have purchased on Etsy. I will try to tell you about 1 new item and seller each week.

This week I would like to show you an adorable pin cushion I recently purchased from Rabbits Moon.

Isn’t it one of the cutest things? So well made too, I just love it! The attention to detail is something I really appreciate. This pin cushion is so wonderful in all of it’s details! Please stop by and see some of the wonderful things in store there.

I was using one of my own creations for a pincushion, but after having such a great week last week… I really wanted to treat myself . I’m pretty practicle when it comes to purchases for myself, so a pin cushion was perfect. I’m so glad I found this one! I mean, a deer on the pin cushion I use when stitching deer! Perfect!

Speaking of deer, I will be adding a new fawn in a couple days. Be sure to stop by and check her out. I can’t tell you too much about her yet, since she is still being stitched up. I can tell you that she will be hot pink!

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Are you kidding? Again!

Yes, Friday I received a message from Sadielouwho to let me know that Mossy fawn was on the front page! I couldn’t believe it, but there she was, right front and center of the front page of Etsy! Four times on the front page in one week!


She was up all night long, from around 5:00 pm to 8:00am Saturday morning. You can find her in my shop. Bun Bun Bunny and a custom punk squirrel will be heading off to new homes on Monday! I was asked if I had ever thought about making a camel last night. What a cute idea! I have started drawing up a pattern for one. I have another showcase coming up on Monday, maybe there will be a camel in my shop by then.

Thank you to everyone who put me in their treasuries that made the front page! It is such an honor and thrill when it happens.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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A great week!

This week has just blown me away! A day after the big excitement of making the front page on Tuesday, I got the great surprise of getting on the front page again on Wednesday! The biggest surprise was that I got on the front page not just once on that day, but twice! First was Julius in the cutest treasury of items for little boys…


He sold shortly after going onto the front page and now is on his way to a new home! Next Bun Bun Bunny went up in a treasury of cute stuffed animals.


Bun Bun is still available in my shop. It was such an honor too me, to be up there with such great items!

I woke up today to the sale of Punky Squirrel! She is now on the way to her new home. Craziness of craziness, I got a message right after that from someone else who had wanted to buy her for a gift, wondering if I could make another! Since they are all hand cut and stitched, no item can ever be exactly the same, buy they can be similar. So, today I am stitching up another punk rock squirrel for a baby gift. I love the idea of her being a baby gift!

Please check my shop for new additions for this week.


Fern and Skye a couple new jackalope’s are now both available!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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Front page, again?!

Yes, I came home yesterday to find messages from few wonderful Etsians letting me know that I was on the front page. There he was, Mounted Buck Feltidermy right on the front page!


I think I was in shock the entire time he was up. Coco deer had just been on the front page under 2 weeks ago. I guess this means the new camera and all of the time taking new photos paid off and my new little animals are loved! Yay, warm fuzzies are always a good feeling.

I orders some adorable magnets for myself and my little sister last night from Sakura kitty. I will show you them after I get them next week! I asked her to make some from a re-salvaged 1961 French and English children’s book that she had made some pins from. Those will be for my sister, a French language major, I ordered myself a set of adorable chipmunks! The Mr. has a new shirt on the way from Mixed Species, a Vector Elk Tshirt, we’ll show you that when it comes too!

A short update on my 1st showcase…I think it went well. I think Julius helped draw quite a few people into the shop. Gerard the Giraffe got a new home and is on his way there now. So, I think it was a good idea to do it, maybe next time I will try to get a weekday spot.

Be sure and check in my shop today , I will be adding a cute and silly little elephant.

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My 1st Showcase

Today is my 1st time in a showcase on Etsy. I’ve been working for a month now trying to get the shop ready for this. New photos, new items, researching the popular items in my shop. This is also part of the reason I haven’t posted here in a week. Busy, busy, busy!  Hopefully it will help just a few more people in finding my shop. There are so many shops on Etsy, I know it’s important to stand out, be original and work hard. Here is an example of what the showcase looks like.


So, which item is mine up there? Well, that would be this new little fellow.


Julius the Orange Jackalope! Isn’t he just the cutest little creature? You can find him here in my shop.

I’m so excited to say that being on the front page last week was wonderful! Two of my little fawns have gone to new homes!

Have a lovely end to the weekend! I’m off to have my coffee and probably knowing my obsessive compulsiveness, I’ll start stitching something new!

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